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  1. That used to be my priority as well in my earlier golf life. Now, it's all about how I enjoy playing the most.
  2. I bought a Ram Zebra in 1978 and have preferred face balanced ever since. I don't really care what's fashionable with the theorists and the fitters. First, I was playing before most of them were born. But more importantly, who would know better than I what putters work best for me?
  3. Our course never opened for the season, but the club itself has also been closed for about a month or so. I don't miss the golf so much because we never got started, but I miss going to the club a lot. Even if it were open, though, none of my crew would be going anyway. We're taking this thing seriously.
  4. I don't know whether administrators plan to block my IP address or not on this forum, but it seems to be going in that direction. A number of hostile comments by fellow members in response to my posts have occurred, and I genuinely don't understand the reasons for them. These are followed by inexplicable claims of moral code violations, and this kind of overzealous moderation never ends well for any forum member. I guess that this isn't the forum for me, but before withdrawing, I wish everybody good health as we all strive to get through this international health crisis.
  5. St. Pete? Say hi to Tom Brady for me, Rev. I'm still in my hissy fit.
  6. It's a tough situation. Lot's of us would rather consumption items were manufactured domestically. A lot fewer of us would be willing to have less "stuff" because of the cost. On top of that, none of us, save for a few oligarchs, gets to call the shot. And all of this is exacerbated by the fact that polarized Americans can arrive at consensus at nothing, so there will be no solidarity of effort to influence the result, on way or another. There are no moderate solutions to radical problems, and for better or worse, there are more moderate than radical people. Best not to think too much about it, then, unless you're willing to go "all in" on a solution.
  7. I bought a whole pile of stuff for which I wasn't fitted, had buyer's remorse, and got them to take it all back. Then, realizing that this would probably be my last set, I did it all over again. Still not fitted. And it came to about three grand...again. Since this inexplicably bothers some people, as threads immediately above suggest, I guess I'll hold off on a WITB for now. May never get to play with it anyway unless things get a lot better than they are now. It's like living in WestWorld with the robots running amuck and the humans sheltering in cover.
  8. The three wood is a very infrequently hit club for me, but it's part of a set of four and I have a brand new one. GPS tells me that I have too many long clubs, and also helps me to choose among multiple wedges, so I end up with seventeen and eighteen club sets and leave myself in a self-induced pickle as to which fourteen to play. My new three-wood could end up in my gamer bag in our club's club room or it could end up in one of the bags in my basement. With this stupid virus shutting things down, it's a legitimate question to ask if it will ever see green grass. The modern 15º metal 3-woods, I would have to guess, are a potent club for those with the swing speed to launch with them. As for my own new 3-wood, it's value will be determined when I and if I get to hit it outdoors.
  9. Our club is completely closed. My wife only lets me outdoors to walk the dog, and then only after a stern warning about "social distancing," whatever the hell that is. Our supermarket opens from 5AM to 7AM three days a week for seniors only to minimize our exposure. My wife insists on going because she's a little younger and considers herself less of a risk. Thank God we're retired and don't have to bring the unpleasantness of work into our home. I'm not sure that I could have tolerated that, although I suppose I'd have had to. Except for not being able to go to the club, I'm not at all bored. I've got books, cable, the internet, my dog, and a well-stocked bar to keep me going. I've never been treated as being this valuable before!
  10. I've got one in my putter bag. Never putted well with it, though.
  11. Nope. We're down. The flagsticks weren't in yet, but now, ...well, nobody seems to know.
  12. I do. Nippon Modus 3 105 on everything from driving iron to lob wedge. I would add, however, that I've no science whatsoever to put forward a defense of my choice. It's just to put any thought of shafts out of my head. Perhaps there's a valid reason for special wedge shafts, but I suspect that would apply to a level of play somewhat above my own.
  13. I suppose that this is meant to mean something, Mr. 82, but whatever that happens to be is lost on me. I can't begin to guess how my thread would be considered trolling. If I don't find a thread particularly interesting, I merely move on to another one. If there's an "ignore" function on this forum, you might simply consider putting me on it rather than accusing me of being a troll. To which I would add that I haven't read anything of yours to make me think that we've found our new Hemingway.
  14. This virus plague is no joke, and I'm by no means trying to make light of it. However, as one purported to be in the high risk group, I'm not allowed by my wife to go outside for anything except walking the dog or rocking on the porch with a cup of coffee. The club is closed so I'm not missing out on that. But now, I'm no longer sent on errands to buy groceries or whatnot. Milady, previously referred to on these pages as the Gestapo, does all of it. Tough break.
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