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  1. I usually don't play but sometimes during vacation I play. I played pro v1s. Few month back I ordered some good quality balls "storm phase 2" because most of the people were saying non urethane ball are better. The ball is costly it cost me around $250. I ordered 2 piece from amazon and they were giving free delivery during festive season.
  2. Yeah they do have great customer service and what makes this great is ping return policy for 30 days for easy return and refund to save money and benefit.
  3. Thanks for sharing and It seems like a Christmas Gift to its customer on this Christmas. I do wonder here if they are refunding you and all then as Costco Refund Policy states the refund would be added or given to you in the mode you done payment. If you wondering to return any other product then 4C Balls then you can if you are in the policy. You can do so keeping in mind Costco Return Policy.
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