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  2. Exactly. I just bought TS2 and it is amazing. You can really put force into it and ball goes straight to the middle of fairway. I had Callaway Epic Flash, bought in fall. Never kind a liked it. And now TS2 kick 25 yards longer drives so my decision is clear. Callaway is now for sale.
  3. Driver TS2 9.5 played at 11 / Hzrdus Smoke 60 6.0 Woods TS2 16.5 played at 17.25 / Tensei Blue AV Series 65 Stiff Hybrids H818 21 played at 22 / Tensei Blue CK Series 70Hy Stiff Irons FG Tour V6 4-P / True Temper Dynamic Gold R300 Wedges SM7 50/08F & 56/08M Putter Select Newport 2.5 All is almost new for 2020. WS and wedges were used few times in fall 2019. During winter other staff was tested and driven in. Titleist TS2 driver was the latest addition and IT IS A BOMBER. 25 yards more distance versus Callaway Epic Flash. You can just let go and hit with all you got, ball founds it’s way to fairway. At least in trackman. WS irons, the smoothest feeling ever. Only challenge is at the moment 4 iron. Can not handle it... too much fade and no accuracy. Let the outdoor season begin soon!
  4. Hi to All! I've been playing roughly 10 years, but really spend ALL free time with golf approximately 7 years. Best in golf is the challenge of the game, you're never ready. Also being and practicing outside and spend time with friends is awesome. I am from Finland and my home club is NRG with two beautiful courses, Rock & River. There are 10-20 courses within 1,5 hours from home, 5-10 usually ranked annually to top 20 in my country. That possibility is definitely best thing in my region related to golf. Worst is the shortness of the season in northern part of the globe. I am overseeing and looking after projects in industrial sector for living. Username is based on looooong history... Cee uuu in Forum & Courses...
  5. Driver :titelist-small: TS2 9.5 played at 11 / Hzrdus Smoke 60 6.0 / carry 240 yds total 260 yds

    Woods :titelist-small: TS2 16.5 played at 17.25 / Tensei Blue AV Series 65 Stiff / carry 200 yds total 220 yds

    Hybrids :titelist-small: H818 21 played at 21 / Tensei Blue CK Series 70Hy Stiff / carry 175 yds total 185 yds

    Hybrids :titelist-small: H818 23 played at 24 / Tensei Blue CK Series 70Hy Stiff / carry 165 yds total 175 yds

    Irons :wilson_staff_small: FG Tour V6 4-P / True Temper Dynamic Gold R300

    Wedges :titelist-small: SM7 50/08F & 56/08M

    Putter :scotty-small: Select Newport 2.5


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