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  1. Thanks!!! Going to celebrate by hitting the Driving Range later today . . .
  2. PXG Fitter over the phone recommended the Riptide CB 50 5.5 in Regular Flex. Is the "A" flex drastically different?
  3. Good advice, thanks. And I have been taking lessons on and off for the last two years, which has actually given me a game!
  4. The other serious driver is my Cobra Ltd, which feels very heavy for me. I can't really get anything out of that club as far as distance or control. My average distance on a drive with my Krank is between 150 and 175 yards, around 200 on a really good day (I hit one for 250 yds down the fairway this past Summer, should have retired at that point LOL!) I believe the f11XX is at 10.5 degrees. Generally my ball flight is mid height and generally pretty straight.
  5. Thanks, gb . . . I spoke with one of their fitters yesterday, and he recommended a lighter regular flex shaft to give me some more swing speed.
  6. Greetings All . . . I am a 61yo beginner golfer, currently using a Krank F11XX driver. I saw the reviews on the PXG 2021 0211 DRIVER and the recent price drop ($119!!!) and was wondering from those who have played this club on your thoughts about this club for me? I have really expensive drivers that sit in my spare bag because I am not a good enough golfer with a fast enough swing speed, but with my avg. 175 yd drives, do you think this club will be a good investment? Thanks in advance for your personal experiences . . .
  7. I love my Ecco's . . . they are super comfy and are waterproof so bonus! I, too, wear a very wide shoe, but I was able to size up and they fit perfectly for me. Worth a look.
  8. Thought I had replied to this. I am doing a comparison, but I am not working against a baseline. I am using different balls on different holes so no preconceived notions as to one being better than the other simply by name. After the round I would have gotten thru all the different balls in my bag a few times so I can judge if any performed better than any others. I even have a couple ProV1's just to see if I hit aby better with those without knowing it until after I complete the hole.
  9. Thank you so much to everyone for your input. I have started to purchase some of the balls that you fine folks have been suggesting, and throwing them into my bag and blindly pulling them out hole by hole to see how they perform. I expect they will all be similar in performance in this type/price category, which if good for me then good for me! So one follow-up question . . . any experience with lostgolfballs.com? Their prices even for their MINT (5A) level balls is reasonable, but I've heard some nightmare stories about buying used balls . . . never know if they've been sitting in water for months or what. Any thoughts? Thanks as always . . .
  10. Yes, that's why I as asking about the Avant 55 vs. the Elixr, if the Avant was a good choice for me?
  11. What about the OnCore Avant 55? Looks like might be a better fit for me, and they are on sale?
  12. Think I already asked this, but any thoughts on any of the Volvik balls for me? They are running some sales now as well.
  13. It's not that I believe that I need a Pro V1, it's that I don't know if I should be playing a Pro V1 in regards to what advantage (or disadvantage) I have with that ball. And for those who keep saying "take lessons", please read that I have been taking lessons, that on a regular (public, less challenging) course I am losing about 4 - 6 balls in 18 holes. This 24 was anomaly. And thanks to everyone for their advice. I will continue to play anything I have in the garage until I run out and then I'll look at others, based in part from all the great advice I have been receiving here!
  14. ChuckZ: As I have said, I have been taking lessons and my game has vastly improved. While my drive is on the slower side, I actually hit a bullet straight down the fairway for 230 yds - a BIG number for me. Until I get to the point of being able to play these championship level courses with better control, cost is a factor. As a side note, I played a couple weeks ago and lost maybe 4 - 6 balls over 18 holes on a more forgiving course.
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