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  1. Sorry Folks, never been a Tiger fan and never will be.
  2. If people are playing ready golf, 4 1/2 hours should be max. Just my opinion.
  3. No gimmies longer than 6 inches.
  4. When it has happened to me, I tee their ball up where it ended up trying to give them a tip.
  5. Could not agree more!
  6. Jim Nantz is as two faced as they come. He should be ashamed of himself.
  7. This might help you. https://mygolfspy.com/news-opinion/cuater-golf-shoes-by-travismathew/
  8. So true on Dick's. By all my golf shoes online and get a lot better prices, especially previous years models.
  9. Rory needs to quit trying to run the PGA Tour and just play golf.
  10. Anyone that lives in Georgia knows that those pines are hell! I hate pine trees.
  11. Looks like Rory and Billy Boy Horschel need to work on their games instead of worrying about the LIV guys.
  12. I doubt if he is worried about that. I would invite him over Tiger or Rory.
  13. Best Iron Covers https://www.golfmonthly.com/buying-advice/best-iron-headcovers
  14. To me, wearing a glove when you putt is like having iron head covers.
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