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  1. Fair point. I should have included this originally I am in Canada and can only order off golfworks.ca and only with options for 34/35/38 inches so i'd be cutting down after the fact, not straight from the manufacturer so the head weight wouldn't be "optimized", per-say, to a 33 inch shaft. edit to finish the thought: so that being said I would likely just cut it down, see if i notice any real difference that bothers me and then tinker accordingly if needed.
  2. Thanks for the quick responses. I've always been wary of cutting down putter shafts as it can throw off the swing weight? Do you then just tinker with lead tape to get the feel back? My current 33 inch gamer still has a bit of toe-up but i've been consciously working on trying to stand up a little straighter over the ball to fix it, although if I lose focus I go back to my old habits and slouch a bit and then the toe up returns. Ideally I'd get a fitting but we just have golftown here and it seems nobody really offers putter fitting in my area. If you don't think it would mess with
  3. Hey guys, is this putter bendable? I am really interested in the club but I normally game a 33 inch putter. I find anything longer and I get a serious case of toe-up at address. I was thinking if I picked this up I'd have to adjust the lie angle to be a little flatter to avoid the toe-up.
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