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  1. This Spring where I live the weather has been tough, so what happened is a few fair weather 18's then nothing then repeat. This led to no outdoor practice, little to no indoor practice, and a few recent rounds of terrible swings (timing and ground issues). Fortunately was able to putt better, dropping 1-3 10 ft plus putts a round to save disaster. Starting now a couple weeks later to feel better as have hit a lot of practice balls in last 2 days. Thinking this over should I have used at least 1 of the fair weather days to practice? What would be a better way to do this next year?
  2. I use both, first had Garmin watch that I used with a Leopold ( great customer service and wont die) Range Finder I got years ago. Now do the same with Apple watch. The range finder is faster to get true distance than looking at the green view on a watch, also it is part of a routine that calms me before the shot in 10 seconds.
  3. Use Golfshot with Apple Watch. A few years ago used Garmin watch and Garmin app. Apple Watch does a lot of things well so don't want to go back. Golfshot has added SG and other nice stuff, what is disappointing is that it misses a few shots each round.
  4. It is my belief that YouTube golf instruction will never replace actual lessons and practice, however for special shots can give you a method that can really help. Examples include putting- Aimpoint Express, shot set-up routines and alignment, hitting out of fairway bunkers. Years of pros have figured these out and yes wish I had this tool in my twenties.
  5. On my home course have two holes, both on back nine. The 11th hole is a Par 5 dogleg left at 540 yards. The second shot is either a layup as there is a creek with tall plants anywhere from 160 to 210 away depending on tee shot and creek run diagonally, from left to right. Problem on second shot is that if you carry the creek it is a thin green and thin fairway- no good landing zone- with houses behind and creek alongside green. I am 1 for 60 on the 3 wood carry, nowadays try to play the drive on the right side of fairway so won't be tempted to try the carry. The 16th is a Par 3, 190 yards. the trouble is on the right is a pond and on the left are sand traps- tee positions seem to mainly be toward water. My go to shot is a drawing 5 or 6 iron, this has to go over the pond and come back. I have tried to teach myself a fade for this one hole with little success, may try again this summer.
  6. Recently added a Driving Iron, in trying them out in the store did better with the 3 iron than the 2 iron. So now have 3 Driving iron 210 carry, 3 hybrid 220 carry, 4 iron 205 carry-but mainly used as rescue from under trees. The driving iron is more consistent and less disperse than either the 3 hybrid or the 4 Iron. However the 3 hybrid is great out of rough, and the driving iron is not. Next step may be to change the 3 hybrid to a 2 hybrid.
  7. Not sure this year, but live in Colorado and we typically have terrible weather on Master's weekend, perfect for watching a great tournament, with the fracture in men's pro golf, the majors are event more of a treat.
  8. Have Garmin R10, live in house where have to hit outside currently, this limits year round golf. It adds reasonable statistics to your shots and you can play courses that are fun. Believe anything you can do to hit more measured golf shots is a positive for getting better.
  9. i can relate, I was fitted for the exact same Callaway Rogue ST MAX LS. Ended up replacing it last November. What I liked was the Rogue allows one to move the ball right to left and left to right; what I did not like is a few times a round it s a harder to hit straight then other drivers. The Rogue 3 wood was even worse. Had a round last year with a 314 yard drive right to left down the center and then tailed balls into the scrub for 2 doubles. Typical. Once you lose confidence it is over.
  10. I try to walk whenever it makes sense, believe it helps me get in the game better and provided some exercise. On organization use Golfshot on phone and on Apple watch. Phone goes in the bag during the round, as also get distracting calls. In right pocket have 2 balls, a few tees, green tool, and marker. Used to keep phone in left pocket. Have water with me in the bag. I have stretch routine prior to teeing off. On shots, try to force myself into the same routine.
  11. I can only give you some anecdotal advice. Agree with comment above that you don't want to pick a driver or any club with doubts in your mind. I have a swing speed of 110-115 with driver so a little less than yours and I am no doubt older. In a fitting had solid numbers with the MAX Callaway Paradym and Three Diamond, but noticed that the Max Paradym was much more forgiving even in hitting with a launch monitor. The fitter stated this as an advantage. Would have similar carry numbers and direction with essentially occasional mishits. Ended up buying a Paradym Max with a Ventus Blue shaft last Fall. With snow and busy life this year it has been harder than expected to get used to this new club. Only recently do I feel comfortable with this club on the course, as example right to left draw is now rare but am still gaining consistency when decently hit as ball goes straight. Would suggest, if feasible, hitting with a launch monitor your last 2-3 finalist drivers to make a selection.
  12. I have a Garmin R10, it is directionally accurate for a decent set of variables and relatively inexpensive. Requires 10 ft from net to ball and another 6-7 feet ball to unit.
  13. Have worked on two different golf routines, when I show up at the course do a mobility routine of: squat (try to get butt below knees) into back stretch move, bend at hips and go forward to touch ground -move side to side, shoulder openers, and warrior 2 (yoga) move on both sides. This gets hips, shoulders, and back open. Note that if late to course have found this is more important than hitting a few balls. Then 3 times a week in gym: squats, arms work, forearms work, legs work, shoulders work. Specific to golf, do a dumbbell swing, single arm shoulder press from kneeling (both sides) and kneeling low to high with dumbbell (both sides). This I believe, also with solid technique, is the only way I can keep swinging at plus 110 mph at my age.
  14. Key it to get fit and then take advantage of the price and quality difference, I am plus 1/2'', 2 UP, (with wedge exceptions). Surprisingly, 1/2 plus is common in the pre-owed market. The 2 Up and better grips can be added. Many clubs come in plastic and do not look like they were ever used.
  15. Played Lookout Mountain and Wigwam. Like your idea of stinger shot.
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