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  1. Had a very good experience at PGA Superstore if there is one in your area and bad experience with GolfTec
  2. Walk and even started carrying clubs at times. Recently found ASICS golf shoes, marketed in US through Srizon. Similar to the running shoes pull out base inner and put in an orthotic. Keeps heel slightly higher that is much better for walking and running. Like a running shoe for golf. This year's model is more waterproof then last years, although still not as dry as my old FJ's, will be only so so in downpour. Have also heard great things about Sketchers.
  3. Did sort of have an ah ha moment when I had taken multiple lessons and then practiced for about 6 months when swing got much better and gained distance. This was many years ago and got me hooked on the game. In order to get better, believe you need to focus on where you are truly gaining strokes in a round. Putting is absolute key as can go from 3 putts to more consistent 1 putt from say 4-7 feet, had round this morning where 3 putted tice. Next place to look is driving, how many times a round do you hit out of bounds or into hazards? These strokes really add up. A consistent, long, and in fairway or short rough drive might be the hardest shot in golf. Then there are others... To get better swing take lessons that give you videos to see where you need to change, to putt better practice with drills on carpet in house and at course.
  4. I recently ordered a launch monitor for the backyard. Think it will give some data, give general shot shape, and be more interesting for hitting into net this winter. For real numbers by club go with course data with real golf balls. Have a Garmin watch that helps with accurate distance range stats, but also think you can use scorecard notes and math to learn distance ranges by club if you figure out approach distances. Take lessons with full Trackman and video capture and the data is really useful, especially with golf pro comments, but that is easily $20K setup and not practical for home.
  5. See picture. These were decoration in VRBO we stayed at on a golf course. They have wood shafts. My son and I played 3 holes, given wood shafts I lowered swing speed using a mashie. 2 pars, 4 bogeys, 1 double in 6 holes. Not nearly as bad as one would think. Limited conclusion is that good swings trump equipment for normal golfers.
  6. Getting a fitting is especially important if you have an "unusual" build or swing speed or swing. Agree to above that you should get cost applied to the new clubs if applicable. Also agree that you need to go to a fitter with a quality launch monitor that shows dispersion. My belief is that you may want to consider doing this in pieces both to save money and to learn as you go, if so start with irons.
  7. Would love to try it and use it. Have been using a re-purposed soccer goal and hand me down net but want to up-level this for the cold season with better new and MLM. Thanks for the opportunity.
  8. Thanks DaveP043. I am at point of looking into total annual cost dived by rounds I can reasonably do in same year - Winter is tough. Unfortunately don't have equal levels of golf courses public and private, and practice facilities within reasonable driving distance.
  9. Ended my "membership" at public course and now looking at others. Personally have picked courses based on quality of course and then relative cost. Given lack of overall success looking for some guidance as initiation fees have gone up in my area. Any comments appreciated and thanks.
  10. Play Callaway irons and would love to try these in a good player set-up. But yes just a normal joe.
  11. Thanks everyone. My big gap is between PW (same design as other irons) and specialized 52 degree wedge (similar to other wedges). Like suggestions of bending 52 degree or buying 50 degree as although would leave gap the other way it is really much less frequent and covered by other wedges.
  12. Personally play 48 degree PW, 52-56-60 wedges. Hit most sand shots with 56. Have gap now from 110 to 120 yards as 52 degree tops out and 3/4 PW is more yards. Any suggestions appreciated.
  13. A famous golfer recently said that there are mental and physical mistakes, and he only gets mad with himself at the mental mistakes. A few mental mistakes I have and continue to work on overcoming include: Play better with better players in foursome. Really should not matter. Play worse in slow round. Again should not matter. Setup to swing and change or override direction picked in "box" behind. Sideways view is distorted so best to walk back and relook. Pick wrong target in setup. Ex. aim for pink house rather than blue house Poor set-up alignment, comes from rushing to hit and not stopping when you know is bad and regrouping Not practicing putting day before tournaments, also not doing a yoga session the day before Maintaining mental focus for all 18 holes when getting texts etc. The above can add 2-6 strokes in a round if you are not careful .
  14. Have an older one, works well but would like to test upgrade that finds the flag better. Thanks
  15. In Colorado have found that you can where athletic shoes. Nowadays have had to add orthotics. Play most rounds in adidas samba soccer shoes, when course is empty like to jog between shots. On wet course switch back to FJ golf shoes.
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