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  1. Thanks everyone. My big gap is between PW (same design as other irons) and specialized 52 degree wedge (similar to other wedges). Like suggestions of bending 52 degree or buying 50 degree as although would leave gap the other way it is really much less frequent and covered by other wedges.
  2. Personally play 48 degree PW, 52-56-60 wedges. Hit most sand shots with 56. Have gap now from 110 to 120 yards as 52 degree tops out and 3/4 PW is more yards. Any suggestions appreciated.
  3. A famous golfer recently said that there are mental and physical mistakes, and he only gets mad with himself at the mental mistakes. A few mental mistakes I have and continue to work on overcoming include: Play better with better players in foursome. Really should not matter. Play worse in slow round. Again should not matter. Setup to swing and change or override direction picked in "box" behind. Sideways view is distorted so best to walk back and relook. Pick wrong target in setup. Ex. aim for pink house rather than blue house Poor set-up alignment, comes from rushing to hit and not stopping when you know is bad and regrouping Not practicing putting day before tournaments, also not doing a yoga session the day before Maintaining mental focus for all 18 holes when getting texts etc. The above can add 2-6 strokes in a round if you are not careful .
  4. Have an older one, works well but would like to test upgrade that finds the flag better. Thanks
  5. In Colorado have found that you can where athletic shoes. Nowadays have had to add orthotics. Play most rounds in adidas samba soccer shoes, when course is empty like to jog between shots. On wet course switch back to FJ golf shoes.
  6. No, ideally would like to get to a more unconcise swing for driver and long irons but still have to think of at least one or two thoughts during each swing.
  7. Yoga can do wonders and prior to playing or any muscle strain you can do dynamic stretching. You can google these. Starting out less is more. Also believe in ibuprofen - but can cause stomach issues.
  8. Have had terrible rounds this year with snow limiting practice time, until today with a 78 from tips. Read something that I will share on how to break 80. Keys to focus are: Driver - put into play rather than focus on length; Putter - remove 3 puts, practice 6 ft and less puts; Wedge - chip so you have up and down chances regularly. Good luck on the baby.
  9. Looking to see if others have genuinely improved, actual drop in handicap, based on personal statistics now available. Fully believe these are important in club testing and fitting but that is once every year or two. Personally got excited with my Garmin watch but for every stat review believe time would be better spent practice putting. Old school measures like divot shape-size-spot and center mark on iron seem to show as much or more.
  10. Went to the push cart reluctantly about 3 years ago. There was golf study done in CO that confirmed that players do get slightly tired and possibly stiff in shoulders carrying by last 3-4 holes. The carts fold well into car. On model, had to replace my first during covid, ended up last available mid priced Sun Mountain. For 2 weeks in summer 2020 did carry again. With no water on courses really missed the cup holder for second bottle and les weight. Have 4 wheel model that supports running between holes when I get first tee time of day.
  11. Putting statistics can be somewhat misleading period for just putting unless they add in length of putt. That statistic is only available on the Men's tours. Apolloshowl above is showing that the top women are missing about 1-1.5 putts per round more than the top men. Very close and could be a result of greater average length of putt as others have stated. Anecdotally, many of us get stomach hit watching Adam Scott hit two great shots to 6 ft and then miss, or Dustin Johnson a few years ago, or Keegan on Saturday. It simply is not as much of a Venus-Mars scenario as it appears.
  12. I am single digit handicap that walks and runs golf courses when I can. Recovering from tendinitis of tibial tendon and need to try new golf shoes. This would be a perfect test for me.
  13. On leaving in the Flag stick leads to cup damage worse than normal don't buy it where I play. Maybe an issue elsewhere, one would think damage when yanking it out, dropping on green would be more of an issue. However do think and this was pointed out by others that when the rule changed prior to COVID, that leaving in the stick saves like 30-40 seconds of screwing around with the flag per hole. In 18 holes you lose over 10 minutes which is the typical time between tee times. Given the Covid popularity in golf this can only help to speed up the game.
  14. After college started playing golf, took lessons from a recommended local pro who came out in pink Lacoste outfit. In between insults and smiles to member 40-something females he set-up my swing. I bought better golf clubs, started playing in summer after work league. Then nothing in quality of golf except started practicing putting. A year later on driving range noticed golfer next to me - not sweating at all, me dripping. Started to emulate his swing, tempo with what I learned from lesson. With Zen visualization putting. Now 24 -30 months into golf and broke 90, a week later then broke 80.
  15. I has issues and called, way over 2 years after purchasing. They were great and fixed the unit for no charge including replacing a lost battery cover
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