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  1. The AMG video is a pretty good description of 3-4 types of faults many of us have. Currently there is snow on the ground so good time to work on this type of change. Past Fall noticed at least one push drive in every 18 holes. This leads to either getting a lucky lie or double. Have to get rid of this come Spring.
  2. This looks like fun. Given a recent snow storm, that may limit real golf for a few days, will baseline in back yard and then Superspeed.
  3. Was on my way to beach and stopped to play golf 4 years ago. Crazy weather dropped temp to 32 degrees at tee time and was wearing shorts. So bought lined guide pants from Eddie Bauer, they are water proof and warm. Used twice since. Also have $17.99 Costco pants that are wind and water resistant, they are cheap and my go to for cold weather golf. Underneath my top wear Under Armor cold gear . Most useful layer in my golf bag is a $30, on sale, well cut fleece top. This has been great in early morning rounds and near sundown.
  4. It is time to make the tour better for fans, given the LIV shake out, and playing a "Championship" on the same, not so great course (although does a lot for charity) every year is just boring.
  5. Just learned to go with "feels" rather than "self talk" and also believe in Thought box/swing box. As a feel example, If I feel my weight shift to back foot in practice swing will be able to repeat weight shift in actual swing. In putting work on speed with feels. Talking too myself just didn't work for me.
  6. Find it fascinating that for 100% of tour pros "at top of backswing, chest and pelvis are moving towards target". Seems like just a few years ago only Rickie Fowler and a few others made that move. This is an interesting analysis.
  7. My Pw is 45 degrees then 50, 56,60. My first 50 was approach club that was too good, would almost do PW distances, so replaced with true wedge. Between 3/4 and full swing, hinge and straight can make most distances from 140 yds in work. The first approach was painful experience.
  8. For 50 yards in there are two common methods. The hinge where you break your wrists and the no wrist. There are advantages to both. If you leave most short can try no hinge. From rough you should open face slightly as easier to get through grass. That alone with same stroke will make it go farther. These shots need to be practiced. The best in the world spend as much time on these as full swing shots.
  9. This is a personal observation from this week. Bought Garmin R10 launch monitor, setup in yard with net etc. Very good for videotaping and a set of stats. However this week realized that the game of golf is hitting to targets not a net. So not a full replacement for practice with focus on real target. And yes all practice shot and real golf shot should be with focus on target. Also at times chipping with spin have gotten so focused on technique that ended up with poor alignment.
  10. Have a minor foot condition that will take years to heal properly, walk golf courses using Superfeet inserts in spike less golf shoes. Key is to raise your heel up. They are at REI and also can be ordered online.
  11. This is quite interesting. Thanks. It would seem for these guys that further in the swing there is pull from left hip around as well as possibly right shoulder.
  12. Watched your video, tough to see lower body vs upper body. Looks like they move fully together and head moves with them. if you can separate bottom and top a little with trained professional golf coach you will gain distance and hit straighter. good luck
  13. Agree with many that lessons are in order, however with home sim data you may be able to figure out some of your issues. Depending on your sim you may be able to get face angle and angle of attack for each shot. Essentially with irons you should be hitting down on the ball and with driver opposite. Good luck.
  14. One recent anecdote. Went to fitting that compared 2017 GBB Epic to 2022 Rogue. Trackman Carry and Distance same, slight spin differences. Worse contact on 2022 gave nearly same carry and distance, not so for 2017. Tough to justify personal error as only difference - in past would have purchased new club.
  15. Over the last two weeks the Garmin Watch to Garmin Golf App has been off by a lot. Thought is was a GPS issue in steep hills and valleys courses from watch not getting distances accurately. However yesterday on my home course on a par five that is 540 yds. First drive was good, watch gave 295 to hole, debated laying up but then hit 3 wood onto green, distance given for 3 wood shot 260 yds. So watch at 295 yds was wrong. On hilly courses the distance to hole seemed off entire round.
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