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  1. Have GPS watch and rangefinder also.  Find at times it is too easy to look at watch, so for certain shots,  such as 100 yds in find the range finder to be more accurate and force myself to use.  If you are replacing course 150 and 100 markers would suggest a GPS watch or even phone app to start out.               

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  2. Congrats on your baby.  I too go out at lunch, 5 min away, during week.  Here is what I have found.  Driving range, don't rush, and only useful for general understanding of wedge distances (60-140 yds) and working on one specific club at a time (ex. right to left w 8 iron), to improve you need a lot of shots.  Putting adds value/confidence, use tees to play games.  Chipping if available area is also valuable, great time to try different spins.  Lastly, would plan on 3-4 days.  You will be more busy than you think.                      

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  3. This year, 2021,  I am going to force myself to start with the Thinking box- external with environment, visualization and loosening swing; then Playing box, internal with at least one real practice swing, better alignment and shot.           

  4. Tried to not use the wrists but can't be consistent- not sure why but different sand conditions might be part of it. In my home state we can have very heavy sand- used to prevent loss from the wind.  On bump and run have been more successful not using wrists.    Key is to do whatever works for you consistently.   Good group question,  my believe is that the Jason Day method should be the one taught as simpler.


  5. A relatively cheap alternative, using your phone is to buy this holder.  Put it on an alignment stick.  At range can put stick alongside bag, has a connector clamp, and in back ride push stick into ground.  Amazing what you can see in your swing, especially after a lesson.      

    Record Golf Swing - Cell Phone Clip Holder and Training Aid by SelfieGOLF TM - Golf Accessories | The Winner of the PGA Best New Product of 2017 | Compatible With Any Smart Phone (Red/Black)

  6. Looked at the MLM's that are affordable and have decided to rent time, $25/hour, with expensive Trackmans, perhaps once or twice a month during Winter.  During week hit into net while recording video with iphone.  The big issue I have had in 2020 and hopefully not in 2021 is dispersion -not available on all MLM's, specifically have tendency to have an occasional super well hit ball that is score killer (ex. 8-iron not mishit  but 30 yds more-potential lost ball over green).  Doing in person lessons-with masks- to address this winter.            

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  7. The only way to be super sure it works is to put it on the push cart to see. Or at least if online check dimensions.  Have a SM Bag with a Sun Mountain push cart that does not fit, requires a few pull ups during round to get in better place - only slightly annoying.  

  8. In Spring with course closed and COVID the net was my outlet, even set-up a small sand trap to hit into net.  through year have also hit many balls into net.  The best drill I have found is to setup phone camera for slow motion. Either behind or in front of you like on TV.  I bought a little gizmo on Amazon that attaches phone to alignment stick. Tried both views with 2 phones but synching them on one screen is not worth it.   

    Just like a lesson where the pro shows you what you are doing typically outside on phone, you have the ability to do same.   What you will uncover is surprisingly obvious for even a non-pro.  You can always compare your swing to one on TV or computer if you need data points.  What I have found includes:  bad set-up, overswing, too much left foot movement, too little left foot movement, bad tilt angle, good tilt angle, etc.   

    It is not perfect, not as good as Trackman session or real lesson but low cost way to get better.                           


  9. Have had real trouble with this situation, 1 or 2 bad holes in a row or 5 had shots on the range.  Have worked on focusing more with slow practice swings (think low and slow for takeaway)  to break out of it.  Need to get better at this mental confidence sinker.   BTW, this is a great set of answers to what I believe is a very common topic, and everyone reacts differently.  My tendency has been to swing faster - a great way to add strokes.           

  10. Putting position is middle in center and must be consistent.   Routine is practice from six to eight feet ( given winter and covid can do in house): 5 in row left handed, 5 right handed, 5 both hands (from Hidecki interview)- Prior to playing try to hit a few long puts on practice green - up and down; on course have to force myself to do following- read green, place ball with marking direction on top, reread to make sure, then set up, take practice swings (1-2) and then put. 

    Remember you can only set direction and speed. 

    This is best way I know to lower scores without practicing every day like a pro which is not an option for a worker bee.      


  11. Would love to test this and have considered buying it or a mevo.  59 years old and can occasionally hit a 300 plus drive.  Want to enhance hitting into net as well as driving range. Use a Garmin watch with shot detection on the course and do Trackman sessions during Winter sporadically.   Since COVID is still here will need o do more from house        

    First Name/City - Jon, Boulder, CO

    What IOS Device Will You be Using - 2020 Iphone SE 2nd Generation - recently added to MLM on their websiten 

    Will You Be Testing Primarily Outdoors or Indoors - Outdoor net and Outdoor driving range,  

    Will You be Using a Net Yes or No -  Yes

  12. Also would go with the tighter dispersion if it exists in your stats, not net length.  This is way dramatic and don't wish on anyone but: In Winter 2019 landed badly skiing, PT followed, by summer was still loosing 50-70 yards of distance, but shorter length made for better dispersion.   Handicap did not get nearly the bump, 2-3 per round, proving the point that accuracy trumps distance.                                    



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  13. Agree this is a great topic, 

    Trying to personally work on minimizing bad hole stretches - one shot vs 2 bad holes.  What seems to work is spending a little more time on slow and deliberate warm up swings.   Given my state is red with covid many times arrive 10 minutes before tee time and walk out- so need to be more reasonable with myself that bad shots will happen.                  

  14. Aware that there are MGS reviews of these products and podcasts.  What I want to get to other users experiences.   On Garmin attached are 3 results,  #1 is accurate GPS autoshot


    #2 is annoying both shots captured but not accurately represented


    #3  Is the masochists watch miss. Play off the tips makes this muni more fun but watch thinks next swing is waiting at others tee box



    These errors make the average date beyond 1 round worthless, refuse to edit as time spent doing could be hitting into net in backyard.   The next Garmin watch this Xmas is more costly than the Shot Scope and it Arccos can used successfully with Apple Watch that could be the winner.          



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  15. First Name/City State -  Jon, Boulder CO  

    Have You Ever Used a Hitting Net - Yes have one that is repurposed from soccer  

    Do you use any sort of LM with one - Blast golf that in my version just accurately measures club speed,  in COVID this Spring hit a lot of balls into net and built sand trap in yard.  This net would be great for moving more easily to work on both hitting into net and from sand into net.   I regularly hit into net and have set up two i-phones to capture video. Has done wonders for my game in terms of distance and accuracy as now single digit handicap and can play form tips at 59 years old.   Get kudo's from other on course for driving length and ion play.   Need to continue hitting through the winter to improve further.          

  16. Updated driver swing by learning to focus on torso and shoulder turn quickness in the downswing, perfected on range, and then added 20 yards playing first round since change on Sunday. My problem is that have never had a fully specialized driver swing so it affected iron play.   A fast body turn hitting up is a disaster for a needed accurate 8 iron with spin.

    Is there a mental trick to changing from driver mode to iron mode?      

  17. I have been a sucker for new driver technology and you tube driving methods.   Bryson stated the other day that to have a meaningful driver  improvement session you need to hit at least 100 balls.   In the last year have not changed the driver and with a mowed fairway can stretch a 280 to 290 yd drive to 300 yds.  That said whenever I try to swing fast on a golf course have a seemingly 1/3 chance of fairway and rough.  A smooth swing is nowadays long enough.  Taking Bryson's advice need a lot of practice to swing fast and hit in the fairway.              

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