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  1. Joined and donated after reading the ESPN article - great stuff.  That said until the ball study had thought the compression concept anecdotally (from my own shots) seemed to come into play that very soft golf balls do not have same distance as more compressed balls.   The study testing was able to show many more issues. 

    On compression in the golf swing, the technique of compressing the ball in the swing is not that easy and most golfers cannot execute this correctly or consistently.  So once again we can debate the benefits of equipment vs. lessons now that we can select the "right" golf ball.        


    • Jon K  Boulder,CO   USA
    • Odyssey blade putter, 4 years old 
    • Interested in the Tyne 3 to try for better alignment and more balanced stroke;  ZB3 or Anser  2 to compare directly with current Odyssey blade.  I am mostly a better than average putter, average about 29 puts a round.  3 put once every 2-3 rounds.  None for example this morning.            
  2. I am so sympathetic, bought prescription sun glasses with grey-green lenses that lose ball in any cloud overhead.   With contacts when staring at the path according to my Op Doc the contact can move slightly causing blur and more looking around.  After covid will try different lenses with same prescription.  Great incentive to hit long and straight.  Do not have issue on reading greens so that is blessing.                 

  3. I am interested and meet the criteria above and below.  Play from the tips on two muni's  near home and consider driving straight ( actually slight right to left for me) and long very important in lowering handicap and having more fun. Including consistent carry distances.  Will try and document results with any high end driver.         


    Jon/ Boulder, CO 

    Desired to Test: 440 

    Swing Speed:  112-115 (lots of yoga, running, and weight training but can't control much faster) 

    Current driver is 2017-2018 Callaway GBB Epic Sub Zero, may be giving up a few yards of carry.         

  4. I agree with most of comments, the not touching pin saves time,  single carts and walkers also saves time and can be more fun.   In Colorado we just started opening practice facilities - this has been missed  not putting or pre-round range is a bummer and believe it has impacted the quality of golf for many.      

  5. Interested in doing the testing.  I do align most puts and mainly believe in it, also practice 6 foot puts (pre- pandemic) with left ,right and both hands to develop 6 in confidence.   In the past year have used the manufacturer markings that agree could be better.   

    1. Location and HC - Colorado and 4 HC 
    2. Current line method - get low to read green and set up ball in alignment.   
    3. Ball choice and personalization -   Srizon Z-star XV and initial JK 

    Thank you for setting this up, would be fun , very curios if better alignment leads to fewer strokes.   

  6. Saw this on the internet, so passing it on.   For me stuck in living room on 12 foot rug,  first put to a tennis ball not a cup as if you hit tennis ball get a feeling of how hard you are putting and more difficult than cup.  One simple but hard drill is to put 3-4 balls,  first one goes distance say 8-10 feet, then next is to be 6 inches behind and then next is 6 inches behind, etc.   Extremely hard to do but teaches both line and speed.   Good luck.  Putting is the key to lower scores              

  7. I live in a college town with both Men's and Women's Div 1 golf teams.  The closest driving range to my office is at a muni ( closed for COVID-19).   Since this course is also closest to the University you get long hitters.  There was also an ex Long Drive circuit competitor who gave it up with bad back.  However with us showed he could not use his driver at the range with distance limiting range balls as hit a few into the street,  a 360 yard plus shot.   At least 50 yards past the College men.   Modern long driving is a very modified swing to develop huge club speed and mass moving through the shot with correct spins, at times changing, for maximum distance.   BTW,  from 8-10 feet way my back hurt just watching.    On the course thankfully there is much more to the game than long drives.                                

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  8. A coronavirus afternoon golf outing took over 5 hours with tee times spread 15 minutes apart.  This morning 2 slow gentleman made a 4 some and a 1 some wait.   Even the PGA and LPGA tours believe they have issues.   With coronavirus health agencies letting courses open as possible to play 6 feet apart this is the time to gain broader interest in the game.  Slow play will kill this interest.  See article below:            


    Some ideas: 

    - Always keep pins in, 50 seconds a whole is 15 min a round, so after coronavirus just get rid of the disk. 

    - Everyone who can afford it gets a fast distance devise,  yardage front center and back should be available to everyone. 

    - Ready golf should be the norm, including putting.  While one player rakes trap, others should be putting 

    - Course marshals should refrain from always pointing out beginners but also push single  and double digit handicaps that playing slowly

    - Experiment with reversing the 9's at some courses.  I frequent a course that has very tough but fun 15-16-17-18.  At times when those are on front 9 players are fresher  and seem to do better

    - When available green maps showing elevations could be distributed through electronic copies. This could reduce time in figuring out where to hit approach shots, possibly 

    - Every good golfer when asked what someone should do to improve? Encourage group and private lessons.

    THOUGHTS AND IDEAS?               



  9. In Colorado have played twice since covid.  No water, few bathrooms, only walking, pay in advance over phone.   First time 5.25 hour round, very slow and mobbed as only course open for 40 miles (we are only to go 10 miles) .    Second, after many others opened 2.5 hour round with early tee time on weekday.  Why we play the game, much more fun,          

  10. In 2019, prior to the US Open Jim Nance did an interview and special on Nick Faldo.    This is comparable to say prior to the NBA Championship a special is done on Scottie Pippen - not MJ or prior to the NFL Playoffs a one hour special is done on Terry Bradshaw. Nothing against Nick or Terry but living in the past is killing the appeal of golf to the next generations.  If the game is going to survive we need to make it reasonably interesting for new players, however TV and media in general is doing us all a disservice. 

    Given shot tracker technology, current golfers trying new work out routines to gain distance and accuracy, good looking players -  THERE IS PLENTY OF TOPICS other than Jack's 230 yard one iron of yesteryear.    



  11. New member who followed the ESPN article to here.   From Colorado 

    1. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score?

      • I've been playing this time for five years, skipped 18 when had 3 kids, and played 10 years before.   20 years ago was a 4 handicap and as of September 2019 now again a 4 handicap - new system revised it to 3.7 in 2020 without really playing much.  Too cold

    2. What do you love about golf?

      • You can always keep peeling the onion of improvement.  When all is good there is a Zen to the game, especially from tee to green to put to hole.

    3. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies?

      • Found this 2 days ago from article in ESPN,  do know at least one other SPY in Connecticut.  When Golf Digest got sued a 5-10 years back they stopped real testing of golf balls - a shame, and lost relevance.  The sport needs real help as you don't really know what the equipment is unless you test it yourself which is difficult to impossible. This is a great effort.  

    4. Where are you from? What is your home course?

      • I'm from Colorado.  My home course is a municipal called Ute Creek.  I like though playing all over, belonged as member to club in past and missed the trips and variety.  

    5. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region?

      • I'd say the best thing about golf in this region is that it's relatively affordable and has a reasonable variety of nice courses.  We play year round some years however worst thing is inconsistent weather with good tee times. Sometimes your are lucky and some times you lose out.  

    6. What do you do for a living?

      • I'm a Practice Manager for a law firm.

    7. How’d you pick your user name?

      • JK Col - initials and state

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  12. Driver - 2017-2018, GBB Epic Sub Zero -10.5, stiff, tested and bought later as favorite on testing range, also great looking club at address.  Note that in Colorado have to hit drives up in the air to get distance 

    Fairway Wood - 2017-2018,  GBB Epic Sub Zero, 15, stiff, just bought to match and be easier to hit from fairway than previous - incredible club so far, relatively small head

    5 wood- 19, Stiff, XR, old club but works

    Irons - 4-PW, X-forged,  looked best at setup, was fitted, and cost 50% less than high end blades. Also have old Callaway 3 iron cavity back, forged hardly used except for windy days  

    Wedges - 52-56-60, Mack Daddy 4,  found Callaway wedges as good as others

    Putter, Odyssey, mesh face had to be glued back on but still works,  strength of my game is putting             



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