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  1. Personally, the 60° is no different than any other club in my bag. Setup properly and put a good swing on it - voilà : a good shot.
  2. I prefer 14 full length dividers for cart bags. Every club has its own home, I can grab the correct club without needing to search. Also when ever I go to my bag I instantly know if there is a club missing and which one it is. I don't generally leave clubs behind, but sometimes someone will grab one of mine by accident. Knowing which one is missing before leaving the hole saves a lot of drama.
  3. I am assuming that the 4 iron is actually the correct length and lie for you, based on that assumption : As suggested by another, just choke down a little if you want to play it shorter. Then you have the proper length for full shots when you are feeling heroic.
  4. Welcome to all of you from Spain, where we are just beginning to be able to play again Welcome to MGS, so far everyone has been great. Courses in our area of Spain are just opening after the Lockdown and it's been great to play again.
  5. I have been playing golf for more than 60 years. My current handicap is 10.8, once upon a time I was scratch. Golf is not a game you can master, rather it is a game against yourself I have been reading My Golf Spy for a long time and just decided that perhaps I could contribute I have lived all over the world, but now reside in Spain. My Home course is Atalaya, on Costa del Sol This area is nearly golf paradise, weather makes it generally playable year round.The worst thing about here is that we have a lot of tourists that do not follow basic golf etiquette, feeling that they paid their greenfees and don’t need to rake bunkers or fix pitchmarks. Retired, but still do an occasional consutling job. When I learned to play, I didn't have a driver - just a one iron and I kept one in my bag until about five years ago. Occasionally, I pull out my 3 wood and put it back in.
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