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  1. So turns out Australian golf courses don't like my ''Pimp my Scooter'' Project and I'm not allowed to use it on the course, not even on cart paths. Well was worth try...
  2. Haven't played Sydney yet, but will drive down once the boarders open, I'd go for any coastal course.
  3. Thanks @Blueberry_Squishie! I really enjoyed Wynnum, but it was a bit too far. Ended up joining Keperra and manage to squeeze in at least 2 rounds a week.
  4. Tanky


  5. I use a Zero 9 Scooter to commute to work and back and always wanted to build accessories for it, as there are hardly any. During this COVID-19 crisis I had some time to build a platform to transport my dog and recently I converted a $5 thrift store pull trolley into a bolt on golf Accessory for my scooter. All it took was some cutting, drilling, plumbing clamps and rubber strips. I tested it up and down the street and will take it on the course in the coming days. Stability seems good, just getting used to the shortened foot space. Any thoughts?
  6. Here are some rules I'd like to bend (at least) or create under specific circumstances: No player should play until the players in front are out of range. Unless those players are waisting time, on the phone, not letting you pass, or are your mates Take your hat off in the club house Only once they ban Women again! (Sarcasm) #NotAChauvinist. Seriously, this is a outdated rule. ''Find it, Cut it'' should become ''find it, play it'' Imagine hitting a Dunlop ball sliced in half by the greenskeeper. No putting on the greens of the course you're about to compete on. If you have to start on Hole 289, which is 20 miles from the clubhouse, why are you not able to putt and chip a bit on Hole 288 while you wait for your flight? (Yes, I was disqualified for this rule once)
  7. Courses are still open here, but no more than 2 people can play in a flight and they put pool noodles in the holes. Still worth it though. I tried to order some home golf practice things, but it all sold out! So I’ll head to the hardware store and build my own putting area and hitting net. anybody use the current situation to convince themselves to buy a launch monitor?
  8. Hi All, So I've recently been relocated to Brisbane and am slowly starting to understand golf culture down under. I have played a couple of courses here and am ready to become a member and get an Australian handicap. Any advice on which Club to join close to Brisbane city? I wouldn't want to pay more that AU$ 2000/Year and am looking for a younger crowd (20s - 30s). I enjoy playing at Pacific Golf Club because of its condition and proximity, but the slow play is killing me. I've tired to haggle the fees at Indooroopilly Golf Club a bit, but they won't budge. Hope someone with knowledge about Golf in the area can help a brother out!
  9. Heyo fellow shankers, slicers, worm-burners and snap hookers! After spying on this forum for some months now. I've decided to join and contribute some irrelevant content myself. To answer the predetermined questions: How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? I started playing golf sporadically in 1999, but fully committed to it in 2017 on a boys trip to Ibiza. My current Handicap is about 15. What do you love about golf? Theres no one else to blame but myself and it's the fastest way to determine someones true character. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? Having lived in South Africa, Ireland, Germany and know Australia, it has always been difficult to find like minded individuals. So I am looking forward to playing golf with other spies and learning more about the game. Where are you from? What is your home course? I'm originally from Cape Town, South Africa and currently reside in Brisbane, Australia and am actively looking for a home course. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Best - High Quality, well priced gems Worst - Very slow play and hardly anybody my age (mid 30's) playing. What do you do for a living? Saas Consultant How’d you pick your user name? My Surname is Panzer, so its the English derivative with a ''Y'' added to make it sound less threatening.
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