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  1. I play Titleist AVX regularly. This week I played in a fundraiser/benefit and 2 players in my foursome were playing AVX. I knew the gift bag they gave us at registration had a couple sleeves of balls in there, so to avoid 3 guys playing the same ball I reached into the bag and found a sleeve of Callaway Supersofts. I had never played this course before so I didn't have any "distance" points of reference but I believe my drives with the Supersofts were longer than what I am accustomed to with AVX. I don't spin the ball at all with my irons so approach shots seemed to behave just like the AVX - similar roll out. Both balls are similarly soft - the Supersoft seemed a bit softer and both balls putted similarly for me. I have only played the 18 holes at the fundraiser, but I played the same ball for the entire round and durability seems good. And finally the biggest surprise was how straight the Supersoft was off the tee. I'm generally not wild from the tee box but also I generally do not hit as many fairways as I did - again what a nice surprise. So my questions are: Anyone else find Supersoft to be unusually straight from the tee box? And this ball (I know only one round, small sample size) plays so close to my AVX what am I giving up by switching to a ball that is 1/2 the cost and checks off the boxes I am looking for in my ball: long enough, soft, and durable. And this straightness, if it really is, is an added bonus.
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