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  1. Roger, San Antonio TX iPhone X Indoors and out. With a net and on range.
  2. I'm putting and hitting off the matte into a net in my back yard. I have to admit fellas. I'm not doing well. I'm pretty extroverted and feeling really anxious. on top of that I'm divorced and am away from my kids. Were isolating them because they have immune difficiancies. I have to talk to them only by FaceTime and thru a window. May seem a bit ridiculous but better safe than sorry. I can't wait to hug them.
  3. Roger/Texas handicap 4.7 currently playing - Callaway apex 16 7-iron - 154
  4. Exactly. I play SM7s, I've played RTX 588s and RTX . Vokeys blow them away. Funny thing about wedges, (or any clubs for that matter) I had a friend who was a scratch golfer, Monday qualified for our local PGA event. We were playing in a scramble and were 15yrds off the green (his drive, par 4). We all pulled our wedges out. I remember bitching to him about the new groove rules when they took effect. He said yeah, I had to go buy new wedges just to qualify. I said "Didn't it suck?" He said "No not at all! I actually played better with them ( C-Cs ). They play exactly like the ones I grew up learning to play with." Then he chipped his ball, it bounced three times and rolled in the hole. He just looked back at me, smiled and said "See?" What I learned that day was knowing what you can do with the club (with confidence) usually outweighs any other considerations. On a side note, My son (who told me to put vokeys in my bag and is a magician with wedges) games two SM6s and two SM7s( He won the SM7s). I said to him "You gonna get the new SM8s?! They look awesome! He just chuckled and said, " Why would I do that?" I just stood there in silence and thought...Why indeed...Why indeed?
  5. I've used this grip all my life. The only thing I've changed is the actual putter grip itself. As the pistol paddle grip has evolved it has gotten even more comfortable. Putting has been the best part of my game since I started playing. I keep feet straight, (a foot apart), eyes over the ball, a little forward press then hit.
  6. Winner "Best title to a forum post"!!! My Weapons of grass destruction
  7. There seems to be a lot of Boutique putter companies popping up. Charging a hell of a lot of money for putters that look like my old nickel ping answer 2. I get the technology wave and all, with new CNC milling machines but isn't there patent infringement? Or is that not a thing with putters. Full disclosure ( I bought one!) But are milled putters really better? 303 stainless steel 304? Carbon? "feels good 303", Heat treated? Cold treated? Which is softer? Etc, etc... So many questions! What the hell is going on Gents? Just some thoughts racing thru my head while I'm sitting out the next few days of rain. Seems like it would be a cool discussion.
  8. THIS has been my biggest question! I'm in agreement. If I can swing a 43 inch driver faster than a 45 inch driver (with proper loading of the shaft guys.) and both being the exact same weight. Shouldn't there be an increase in distance? Tests coming today!
  9. Well I'm pretty lucky I play a lot. I also am not a range rat. I like to play. But I wouldn't enjoy the game as much if I didn't feel like I was playing up to my own standards. Everyone has there own. I make myself go to the range and practice so that I can enjoy my rounds. There is something to be said about instructors. I actually showed up for a lesson and my instructor was himself getting a lesson from a mentor of his! Instructors are great if you need someone to physically help you maintain positions and proper mechanics. i.e. hands, shoulders, hip turn etc... But, if you feel like your swing is pretty good already then go with that! Some people just have naturally good swings. I don't have a problem with online stuff. But I also immediately run to an area I can swing a club and try whatever technique the person was trying to teach. It takes less than a minute to figure out if its worth taking to the range. Most is the same stuff told different ways. All that being said. If you feel like you can shoot in the 70's and don't want to many lessons, (like most here have said already) work on chipping and putting. Go buy a mat to putt on and keep it in your house. Go buy a chipping net and keep it in your back yard. If you don't want to spend any money then find some smooth carpet in your house, get a dime, throw it on the floor and try to hit it. Go get a bucket or trash can and chip balls into it. Stand in front of a full length mirror and check your form. ( I've been known to do this anywhere from Target to Home depot) These are just easy ways to shave a few strokes, not turn you into club champion. On a side note. I've shot below par a few times but my most memorable and eye opening round was a 72 at an old local municipal course. I tend to mark up my card for data purposes to look at what I should work on later. On that card I had 7 one putts and no three putts. In college I used to watch TV and putt to a dime on the floor for hours. (Which is why I graduated in 6 years). Hope this helps. Cheers.
  10. So thinking about contrast of swinging a 45.5" 270gram club fast verses swinging a 43" 290gram club fast. How many club fitters will simply give you the data to build the club you need when your chasing something that isn't an exact science?
  11. Thanks guys for all the great advice!! I did forget to mention I am a short guy, so a shorter driver just feels more natural. I choked down 4 inches on a new standard length driver and Hammered it. Thats pretty much what got me thinking about this whole question. As well as recently giving my 11 year old daughter an old driver I cut down for my son to 42"! As I was giving her some tips I swung the club and it felt so effortless and comfortable. Her swing coach swung it as well to show her a proper finish (he's 6'4") and striped a laser ball until it disappeared into the clouds. I'm gonna do some tinkering and report back. Thanks again Gents! Cheers.
  12. So, I'm positive there's other threads on this subject. Lets start a new one! for those of us chasing distance off the tee, what are your thoughts on the idea that a shorter shaft that produces a faster swing speed should produce better distance. yes? Weighting being adjusted in the head of course. Advice?
  13. Thanks Rev! I love hearing you mention teachers and fitters are saying swing as light as you can. I've heard swing as heavy as you can mostly all my life. It really proves how difficult it is to quantify what equipment does for the golfer. Ultimately I know equipment is by itself not gonna make my game better. I've been experimenting with clubs with changeable weights as well. Going into the b range. Feels great but distance suffers. Taking the club back slow is essential. My real theory is making the clubs feel to me the way average weight clubs feel to bigger guys could create some ease and consistency. Then again...I might just have to bulk up 17 pounds like DeChambeau and just tell everyone "I'm hitting it too far now." then challenge Koepka to a driving challenge.
  14. Thanks! I think your right. As consistency goes My driver works great with a superlight shaft. Struggle a bit with 3wood, I can get a bit quick. I hit wilson duosoft, callaway supersoft and proV1 yesterday. Mixed results, Funny, after I hit the "soft" balls the pro v felt like a rock, but...into the wind it went further. With the wind there was not much difference. But the soft balls did feel good at impact. Putting all felt good. Callaway had a matt finish. I don't know if I'm convinced that that doesn't have some effect on properties of ball flight. More testing today!
  15. I've had a dilemma for some time. How lite is too lite and when does it start to affect distance? I'm using C range swing weight clubs and looking for feedback on using ultra low compression balls to compensate for smash factor. I'm a little guy with a very quick tempo. heavy clubs have just never felt right. Cheers.
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