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  1. Heading out tomorrow for Scotland. Packed up my bags last night. Of course the hope was always to bring the Garsen Ultimate with me. Please realize I have been working on my game for months. Been working on strength and fitness for months. Been at the practice greens putting and chipping 4 or 5 days a week. I'm hoping to play peak golf on this trip, and if that meant pausing the grip test for a week and resuming when I got home, then so be it. But definitely happy to announce that the Ultimate is coming with me. I started feeling really comfortable with the Ultimate during my second practice session. The first, I was using the same grip and hand placement as I did with my Golf Pride Pro Only. I found pretty quickly with the Garsen that I needed to have my trail end just slightly more under the grip. I quickly got used to this and found it pins the trail elbow to the body a bit better. I've dabbled with the DJ pre putt routine before, but found that I don't really have to with the Garsen Ultimate. My routine has sped up some as well. Once I step into the putt, I'm pretty quick to fire away. Definitely feel comfortable. Hopefully that translates to some great putts at the home of golf!
  2. Yeah, I had this feeling on the practice greens as well. Was hitting some putts with the Max and then thought I'll have to take some consdierable time to get used to this, and thats not going to help get a stroke dialed in with the Ultimate. Better off focusing on one at a time IMO. I'll definitely give the Max and Quad Tour a thorough run, but after the Ultimate testing and review process.
  3. Nice golf weekend for me. I'm prepping for my Scotland trip, so the wife let me get out both days. I putted pretty well. 30 putts, and 32 putts. Had two 3 putts in my second round, but on really difficult sloping greens. I felt I only made one really poor stroke where I hit a 30 foot putt about 21 feet . Everything else had pace dialed in, and really felt I was finding my lines, just usual issues reading the greens. Collected 2 nice birdie putts that last round as well. I'm feeling really comfortable with the Ultimate. I love the in hand feel. It also has the perfect amount of tack for me. Its getting to be that time of year in Arizona where the weather is predictable as can be, and I played both rounds teeing off between noon and 1. Its 100 degrees, not a cloud in the sky, sweat and sunscreen running down my hands, and the grip never felt slick. I've had some issues in the past with the stock Evnroll and Golf Pride Pro Only that I was previously gaming getting slick, so I am really appreciating the Ultimate in this regard. Time will tell how it cleans and holds up. I'm also quite fond of the grip length. I was on some wild slopes and its nice to be able to really choke up and shorten the putter when need be. An early grievance is that the Ultimate does take a little feedback out of the hands for me. Sort of dulls out every stroke. Its not a problem when you are putting well, but I've noticed when you get that slight miss the right its more difficult to determine if you pushed it, or just misaimed. Something to keep an eye on for me. I'll be hitting the practice greens hard his week. Also have a perfect putting mat that I will be getting some numbers on. But more than anything, just want to get my putting stroke dialed in. I know Scotland is going to test the putter. Some insanely large greens. Some lies where putting from 30 yards out is the preferred method. Some wind that will change the entire read. Alot of things I'm not used to. So hoping to have as much confidence in the putter has any other club in the bag. Short turn around but I'm feeling like I can get their with the Garsen Ultimate.
  4. Really good question. I am of course reviewing the ultimate grip, and I have it installed on my gamer putter, but the first grip I actually put on was the Max. It just felt so different in the hands. I had to try it out right away. Unless you have a really unique grip, the Max is going to force your hands to line up differently. Is that good or bad who knows, but I had to try it. That being said, I knew right away the Ultimate was the right decision but that I would give the Quad Tour a good run once the Ultimate repot was done. I feel like the Quad has alot of potential to be a gamer grip as well. I tend to prefer grips with a flat front, so I'm likely to keep that orientation. But i have seen people turn the flat side of a grip that the flat cat sideways and have success, so I could see that being a possibility with the Ultimate for some as well.
  5. So excited to be headed to Scotland soon! I'm taking off Saturday, May 27th and returning Sunday, June 4th. I'm booked with a group of 20 guys from all over the US that have business relations. Most of us have done some smaller trips together before. About 12 of us went to Bandon a few years back. But this one is going to be quite the experience. I no longer work in the same industry as this group and was a late addition, which affected some of my travel and course planning, but I think it's working out great! We are using Hidden Links for the main part of our package. They've booked 4 rounds at the New Course, Carnoustie, Kingsbarns, Gleneagles Kings and accommodations in St Andrews. I think we are split up into two, maybe even three nearby hotels, but I am staying at the Andrean. Travel to and from the airport, to and from the golf courses, and daily entry into the Old Course ballot is included. So far, their coordinator has been fantastic and very responsive. Much of our group, myself included, is going in a few days early. I'm adding Lundin Links, Dumbarnie, Duke's, and if I don't have early success on the Old Couse ballot, I've got a day set aside to camp out for it. I may have time to squeeze in another round or two. I'm a bit disappointed not to be playing Elie but there are only so many days and I couldn't get an AM tee time when I needed it. Perhaps an excuse to go back, as if I needed one. Here's the course itinerary:
  6. I installed the Max last night with air (posted a short video in the Max thread) but took the Ultimate and my gamer putter into my golf shop today for the install. Just wanted to make sure everything was setup perfectly square. I will get some testing done this weekend but so far I like the in hand feel of both grips. I'm thinking both will require a different grip then what I am used to with my Golf Pride Pro Only. The Ultimate maybe just a slight variation. Feels like my right hand needs to be slightly stronger. We'll see how it goes on the practice greens.
  7. I'm reviewing the Ultimate grip, but wanted to test the Max out on my backup putter. Normally I would use tape and solvent, but seeing as I may remove this to test the others grips or to put on my main putter, I just used air. The Max is a big grip. Easy to slot on the shaft and install. I didnt even need a vice to hold the putter. Just slipped right on. I've only done an air install a few times and that shows, but thought the process might be worthy of a quick video.
  8. Garsen Ultimate Putter Grip - Official MGS Forum Review by scooterhd2 Introduction: Hey Spies! Your favorite substitute teacher Mr. is here! AKA scooter. I bought my first set of clubs in 2013 at the age of 28, mostly to have some sticks for the yearly company golf tournament. I was living in Oregon at the time, working in an industry that was fairly seasonal and super busy during the peak summer golf season. I was hoping to pick up the game, but ended up only playing two or three times a year and never broke 100. In 2019, I moved to Arizona and decided to really pursue the game more. My work is more flexible. I live right next to a golf course, I work right next to a golf course, the weather is great , no excuses. And so I put in the time on the range, watched countless videos on youtube, had a few lessons, immersed myself in golf content and web forums, became a semiprofessional club flipper on ebay, and I was fortunately able to work my handicap down to under 5 in about 3 years despite having 3 young kids. I’ve sort of plateaued there, and I’m content with that for the time being. I’m sure I’ve driven Garsen’s analytics team mad over the years because I’ve been to their webpage about a thousand times, clicked through every product, watched the videos on every grip, and... failed to purchase. Sorry! I’m just an avid researcher and I am so intrigued by putters and putter grips and just want to know all that is out there. There's so many options it's hard to choose, but there is no doubting that Garsen has some really fascinating products. That's why I keep window shopping them. And of course you see the adoption, and in some cases long time use, by pros like Tony Finau and Dylan Fritelli, so you know they are putting out quality. I am absolutely thrilled and grateful to have this testing opportunity, so thank you so much MGS and Garsen! I went through a long stint of experimenting with different grips, different holds, different putter lengths, heavier swingweights, counterbalanced grips, before I realized or admitted that my putting stroke just sucks. So I sold all my fancy putters, bought a Yes! Putter for pennies, and have been grinding for months on start line drills and ladders drills, and wouldnt you know, my putting is much improved. Now that I have some confidence and some consistency, its a great time for me to use the grip to fine tune things rather than searching for an overhaul. Garsen's tagline is really resonating with me - "Don’t change your stroke, just get a Garsen." I have a putting mat to do some quantitative testing and can set up some games on the practice greens, but for me, the real testing is out on the course and is mostly feel based. Is the face being delivered square, is the applied speed and ball speed matching up, and is the feedback in the hands matching the strike? And that’s where Garsen will need to shine to make the bag! Interesting timing for me on this test... I am headed to Scotland May 27th-June 4th. Will a Garsen grip be in the bag?
  9. Yeah, was a big MTBX fan, and I applaud Dean for his creativity. But theres no doubt this new series is a backup plan. Its not the ball Dean really wanted to make. Doesnt mean it wont be good or wont be a great value. But its a loss for the golf industry.
  10. I get it for the right player. Ive hit a 64 a few times on practice greens for fun, but I just dont see the use for it on the course for me. Not often where I am thinking I need more loft than a 60. However, Im not content with a 58 as my highest lofted club. Going to 60 makes a big difference for me. So not hard to see where someone else would have the same feelings about 60 to 62.
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