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  1. Kevin Gilbert, AZ Evnroll ER3 Impact 2. Big fan of wide blades and have not tried Tommy Armor before, but they obviously have a great rep around here. And I can get onboard with any putter that sinks putts.
  2. Nice article. I've been looking forward to this release for a few months. Currently playing z585 5-6 and z785 7-pw, but have been thinking of replacing my 5 iron with something a little more forgiving. G710 had my interests. I have demoed the Cleveland UHX 5 utillity several times and have been really impressed. But I can't wait to try the ZX4. Bend the 5 iron 1 degree weak and kill some offset and match the loft to the ZX5 and it could be a sneaky good club. 5 iron top line:
  3. Steelfiber but in S flex. It gets a good amount of use on the tour, but almost everyone is playing stiff and not x.
  4. Setting up with the driver on the ground and aligning the ball slightly toe side has done wonders for me. Looks like it could help you as well if you are already setting up in the middle or heel side.
  5. Been a while since I had a FW in the bag. Just picked up a Cobra F6 Baffler 4/5 wood, that will get a fair shot. Otherwise I might look at the 425 5 wood and maybe the Mizuno after the TXG review.
  6. I would look to swap it for the 3 iron, as long as you find the utility more forgiving than the 3 iron.
  7. I think PING really does not care. They have a long history of making fugly clubs that perform. Turbulators were not well received on any product line, but they kept making them because they added something to the performance. And it seems like G400/G410 sells were pretty good. And now, they are sort of the expectation. After initially not liking the way they look myself, I dont even notice on my 410 driver anymore. And when I demoed the 425 hybrids and 5 wood it almost seemed like something was off. They didnt look like PING clubs at address. But they are onto something in this line. 425
  8. I have been hunting for a 5 iron replacement and just demo'd the UHX 5/23 utility on a monitor for 20 minutes or so. I believe the UHX iron and utility are the same length, but the utility swingweight's at D4 versus D2 for the iron. It was just a grip cap longer than the ZX5 5 iron in total length. Very easy to launch. I am a fan of the recoil shaft. I've used that on other utilities before. Honestly reminded me very much of the U85, but even more forgiving. And it's 3/4 shorter than the comparably lofted 4 utility from Srixon, which really helped me find the center more. I had been pla
  9. Could be easier to demo the Cobra Tour Length drivers. 44.5 inches. 18g and 6 gram weight, so you can swap the 6 for another 12 or 18 if you really want to add weight. And added head weight makes the shaft player weaker.
  10. For my money, I'd go with the older versions. Those were sneaky good utilities. You'll lose some ball speed and distance with the shorter shaft (the OL hybrid will help retain some speed), but if you want something that is easy to hit and will roll out quite a bit, I can't think of anything better.
  11. Still gaming 2 2016 apex hybrids. Not in love with this line, and not too happy about including the name sake on the oversized model. They changed the apex to the apex pro? No. Should have called the other one the Super Max Apex or something. ruined it for me. More interested in the Sim2 Rescue and 425 this year.
  12. I'm playing an Adams Super XTD Hybrid at 17 degrees for this very reason. Playing at 41.25. Oversized hybrid. Very fairway-esque and an absolute bomber. Its the Callaway Super Hybrid before the Callaway Super Hybrid. How about Wishon clubs? There are numerous fitters in the UK. The EQ1-NX line is especially customizable as it has weighting options to play from 42-40 and comes at 60 degrees stock lie, which is quite upright, and can be bent in 2 degrees either way. Some of his other woods can be bent up to 4 degrees.
  13. Ping does really well with the slower swing market. Heavier head means more stability at impact, and produces faster ball speeds given the same club head speed. The question is how much is lost with the shorter shaft. Simple physics that the shorter shaft will be slower, but if you can swing it even close to a maximum CHS, the heavier head will make up for it. And if you have a varying strike pattern with a longer shaft and a short shaft minimizes that, you will see a greater smash factor and more consistent ball speed. For some, the heavier head also helps with swing path and shall
  14. Anyone else intrigued by the new sim2 rescue? Long time Apex and Adams user and feel like TM finally made an Adams-ish boxy hybrid after purchasing them. Need to see this in person, but its one the short list.
  15. wow. what is going on in here. looks like the oprah show. and you get a club and you get a club and you get a club. Congrats all!
  16. Experimenting with a Mini 1.5 Bertha right now as a second club off the tee. Not looking for a driver placement, but more of a 3 wood with a larger footprint that is uber forgiving off the tee. No need to ever hit a wood off the deck as I am over the moon with my 17* hybrid. if i could land one cheap, id like to try a Cobra tour length 12* driver as well. so far the mini bertha is staying in the bag.
  17. wow. you guys are on top of it. thank you! much appreciated.
  18. Finishing up my review now. Should be up in the next few days. I've got two more rounds coming up. One tomorrow at Southern Dunes and one on Sunday at Dinosaur Mountain. Looking forward to getting a few more shots with the UiHi on some beautiful designs. I had a second go on the launch monitor and some of the things that I have been working on with the UiHi have began to produce some progress. Makes for a little more interesting review, as initially I just didn't get along with the UiHi very well. Here's some snippets from my last round on my home course. There's 3 holes where I ha
  19. Same thing for me. Had a STBT swing and had settled on face balanced mallets, but I felt like my miss was taking the club outside and then pulling putts left. But I couldnt swing that FB mallet on a arc to save my life. Then I switched to a putter with slight toe hang to encourage it, and everything started clicking. So much more consistent start lines. Also settled on an Evnroll product with the ER3.
  20. Appreciate the honesty, and saw most of the coming with your updates throughout the thread. Still surprised that the smaller head would spin that much. Obviously not a good fit for you.
  21. This is a great video. Watch this and Malaska's lead hip back video with Eric Cogorno, and enjoy. Really a completely different understanding than most have of the swing.
  22. I understand that. But it's sad to see the greatest hybrid company ever not producing products anymore. And Taylormade isn't exactly recreating the traditional Adams peanut, pro, box style hybrids. Sure they bought and are using some of the tech, but its a completely different style. And they bought Adams 8 years ago now, so I'm not exactly holding my breath. Since ex Adams CEO Chip Brewer took over the same position at Callaway, they are putting out the more Adams like hybrid. The Apex is the best players hybrid put out in the last 5 years IMO. I've got 2 in the bag. And the Super Hybrid
  23. I'd probably go with a 2 driver setup. 9* TSi3 12* Radspeed XB Tour Length 17* Callaway Super Hybrid 21* G425 Hybrid 24* Cobra King Utility Srixon ZX5 6 iron, ZX7 7-PW. Cleveland RTX Zipcore Raw 50/mid, TaylorMade Hi Toe 56, Cleveland RTX Zipcore 60 /low Bettinardi Dass QB6 with stability shaft.
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