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  1. I prefer fast greens. Find less variation hole to hole. Much easier to control distance.
  2. Have to wait for the RAW release, but i will be buying these.
  3. i've seen this happen to head from various manufacturers. Touching it after you noticed it was probably a bad call. Usually a call to customer service gets your some sort of replacement or credit if you play your cards right. I would try to call them again and play up how you are such a callaway fan and really loved this product, are the original and sole owner, and it convinced you to buy other clubs from them, etc. Almost every time I've seen the OEM take care of the customer in some way, shape, or form. At least a credit to callaway pre owned or something. Or have them take it back for the 150% bonus toward a Mavrik.
  4. Hope so. Average score over last 10 rounds looks like 80.5. Quite a few recent posts though.
  5. I'd consider the Cobra F8s as GI, possibly SGI. I still have a set of OL in the garage. Playing Srixon 785s right now, which i consider a cavity back and there is no comparison. Very different clubs..
  6. Ha. Nice review there as well. Yes, this is a newer case he sent to me after I showed him my Nikon rangefinder. The cut out isnt 100% perfect as there are two button on top, but I really only use one to scan as the other just changes to mode from slope/non slope, so it works out very well.
  7. Edel is a good company that makes odd lofted wedges as well. Of course most wedges can be adjusted by a few degrees in either direction if you need.
  8. I'd buy a used driver. An older Ping or Cobra will do just fine. G30 or Cobra F8. Heck, I have an old Ping K15 that I game every now and then and it is a bomber.
  9. Also useful for someone is too deliberate with the lower body. You get reading too much and start trying to use the ground and jump and dip and turn the hips and slide to the target and all this stuff. Get on your knees, and the ball goes dead straight and still pretty dang far. Most people are impressed how far they can hit from their knees. Obviously the lower body can add power, but some overdo it.
  10. So, I got my first rangefinder a couple of months ago and absolutely love it. I probably use it way too much, but I honestly don't know how I lived without. But I quickly figured out, I completely lack any routine with it. Sometimes its in my bag, and I forget to zip it closed and worry about it falling out. So I put in the cubby of the cart, but its in a black case and I can't see it. Sometimes it's int the cup holder because it is easy to grab there, but when my playing partner reloads some cold ones its get thrown into the cage in the back. It's bad enough slowing up play to scope a 59 yard shot, but when it takes 30 seconds just to find the thing, you get really annoyed. The other day I joined my neighbor outside drinking a couple beers out front and he is talking golf to a friend I hadn't seen before. They really grab my attention when I hear Phil Mickelson is using his product. So I ask what he is talking about, and it turns out I am talking to one of the co-founders of Monument golf - Chad Gamblin. The product is a magnetic case that allows you to stick your range finder to any metal surface, which means you can stick it the cart right in front of you at all times. They were pretty stoked to see Phil using in the "Match" even though the camera cut away as he was sticking to his cart. Anyway, Chad offers to give me one to test, and sure enough a couple days later I've get a package in the mail. Really cool of him to do. https://monumentgolf.com/ It's essentially a Velcro closing case, with 2 industrial magnets sewn in. They do have a variety of styles and colors and even leather options. The black nylon one I have doesn't look to different than the one that came with the rangefinder, so it fits right in. Price point is $25-$30, so not breaking the bank. The magnets are the real deal. I just played 5 straight days riding on the cart and it doesn't bobble at all. Some of that was going full speed through the desert! Oops. There's no way this thing is coming off. And of course the range is right where you need it to be at all times. Right in front of you, and no confusion where to put when you are done. Just slam it on the cart and take off. Such a simple concept. Monument is also making a towel with the same magnets. I believe Costco is actually carrying their towel. It's on the Costco website at least. https://www.costco.com/stick-it-magnetic-golf-towel-2-pack.product.100655027.html I usually have my towel attached to the bag, but if you are the type to bring a towel out to the green to clean your ball or wedges, the magnets on the towel will actually stick to your wedge or putter. So after you use it you can toss it on the ground and then pick it up with the club on the way back to the cart. Kinda nifty. Let me know if you have any experience with these products or have any questions. I've definitely been impressed with mine and have no plans to take it off. Such a convenience!
  11. Checked two of your recommendations of the list. Got out to Springfield last Thursday after work. Fun course there and it was in really nice shape. I'll definitely go back, as its so quick to play, the price is right, and its great fun and practice. Played Bear Creek on Friday, Trilogy PR on Saturday, and then Dinosaur Mountain on Sunday. What a beauty that was!
  12. always shoot 3 or 4 times. doesnt hurt to have one of the free apps on the phone to give you front, center, back, so that you know the probable range of what you should be seeing.
  13. Lol. I ready the title and was like oh yeah I just shot a 66 on Thursday. Same thing though, executive par 61 course. Was a great deal of fun though and great practice.
  14. Great weekend of golf. Got out friday afternoon and shot 80 while playing very quickly. 75 on Saturday, which is a personal best at my home course. 76 on Sunday at Dinosaur Mountain, which was on my bucketlist to play. Great course.
  15. Happy to help, but only when asked. I see so many people at the range making the same mistakes that I used to as an 18 capper just about a year ago. But I have really worked on these issues and dropped 11 shots. And I could probably save that alot of time, but I would never mentioned anything without being asked. Just seems so rude.
  16. Not a fan myself, and I am a data scientist. Agree with alot of the @GambyGolfGuy 's statements. Dial in yardages at the range and in practice. Come to the course to play. I do like to keep some stats, but just use a scorecard and enter them into apps later.
  17. As long as your are still out there having a good time, then you have plenty to celebrate. Get on the right tee box for your game and enjoy!
  18. Playing the PING 360 dylawedge grip on my Glide 3.0 GW. I like the grip alot. If I didnt already have newer grips on my other wedges, I'd gladly game it all on of them.
  19. Shot 78 on Father's Day at what is normally is a difficult course for me. I think my best round there before was 84. Played really well from the tee. Hit 12/14 fairways. Iron play was really solid. Almost holed 2 chips. Putted really well besides one 3 putt where I just read the break on a 30 footer completely wrong and missed my 6 feet. The comeback just missed by a 1/2 inch. But all around very happy with my round. 3 birdies is the most I've had for a while as well.
  20. could be a useful training aid for you. its called sweet spot 360.
  21. I've got a second bag I use for guests that come over. Recently moved so I have alot of out of town friends and family. But my 2nd bag is nowhere near as nice as yours. I wouldnt want my guests having any advantage now would i? lol.
  22. I had been looking for a new driver and was demoing equipment for about a month and constantly been hitting on the same monitor so I had a really good feel for my numbers and what kind of distances and ball speeds I was seeing. On a whim, I picked up a Rogue SubZero. First ball is 1800 spin and goes 20 yards longer than anything I had hit before. I had been looking to reduce spin as I am constantly near 3000. I hit 20 balls and they are all deep, routinely hitting 280-290, when I am normally a 260-270 guy. Ended up buying it on the spot which is not like me. Of course when I got this beast on the range and on the course I had absolutely 0 control. The ball flight was so unpredictable, even on a good swing. Some would just knuckle down the middle of the fairway and fly forever. Get in some spots I had never been on the course before, but other shots would just drop and hook hard. Again, putting me in uncharted territory on the course but in a bad way. I'm now convinced that monitor didnt know how to handle the flight characteristics of the ball at 1600-1900 spin. Or maybe it did and any kind of real world influence just sent the ball crashing down. Was a total nightmare. Sold it pretty quickly at a decent loss. Sometimes you learn to hard way.
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