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  1. This is a little different, and hence why its called a unicorn or goat. They are hard to find at all, and especially under $200 despite being released in 2007 from whats largely considered a 2nd tier manufacture at best. The driver sells for pennies. The 2 wood is different. Its not a 12 degree driver that numerous manufacturers produce. Its 16 degrees of loft. The head is heavy. Mine plays D4 at 44 inches. You cut 12 degree driver to 44 and its playing in the Cs without lead. Very unique club. Most comparable clubs are ladies drivers or old man drivers that are light and tinny.
  2. Sorry to hear about the layoff. I dont have a ton of advice, other than mentioning that at 35 I made a major change in my career path and now work in the aviation industry in Chandler, AZ. Of course I am doing IT, so I don't have any ins about piloting, but no time like the present to veer towards a genuine interest. Seems like there is plenty demand in the industry right now as well. Perhaps, in the interim, it could be worth looking into working in an accounting department in the aviation industry. There are opportunities for sponsored pilot training from major airlines at flight schools in Chandler and Mesa, and maybe these companies would be more receptible to working around your training schedule.
  3. I've been forced to experiment with some unconventional setups because I am absolutely terrible with fairways woods off the deck. I played 17* hybrids for a while. Tried 16 and 18 degree driving irons with no luck. Finding the Cobra F6 Baffler was a revelation. Finally gave me a weapon on par 5s and off the tee when needing to layup. That really completed my bag and let me play a pretty normal 13 club setup with D, 4 wood, hybrid, 5-PW, GW, SW LW. But then I found the ultimate unicorn... The Cleveland HiBore XL 2 wood. Very odd club. Is it fugly? Yes. Does it hit straight bombs? Yes. Ok then. Shaft is 44 inches. I'm not sure of the official specs on head size, but I'd put it at 400-420cc. Bigger then mini drivers. The loft is at 16 degrees with a very tall face. Its basically a massive 3 wood. And as such is a tee only club, but its near impossible not to hit the ball high and straight with predictable carry. I find myself using it more and more. Started off as a layup club off the tee. But it launches so freaking high that its great for cutting corners over trees or houses. I've got complete confidence that its never going left which basically puts a form of driver in my hand when the hole was designed to take it out like the 17th at TPC Scottsdale. So now, the bag is somewhat odd with D, 2 wood, 4 wood... etc.
  4. What was the change in your strategy? Seems like you hit 5 greens in a row, and nearly got on a par 5 in 2. Fairways, greens, and 2 putts is a great strategy but not all that realistic. Your going to hit bad shots and miss targets and scores will waver, but how did you deviate from the plan?
  5. I've heard of CPO for a long time, but finally used them for the first time about a month ago. Bought two putters in good condition and they still had shaft, sole, and grip stickers on them. Could pass for brand new. I ended up sending one putter back, but it was a great way to test them out.
  6. What were the results of the lie angle fitting for irons?
  7. Had the smoker fired up to do some spatchcocked chickens, but decided to prefunk with some smoked queso first.
  8. Definitely removeable. There should be a number on the underside of the weight indication the weight in grams. 7 grams is quite common. I've got a 10 gram and 13 gram as well. If you add 2 grams of weight to the driver head, you will increase the swingweight by approximately one point.
  9. I've been holding off on a review because I've yet to play a round with this bag. But its been living in my car and getting used constantly at the range and practice greens. I love always having a variety of clubs with me. Its really served me well at the chipping area where I used to just bring one club and have at it. Now I'll take turns with different wedges and really test what shot types work best from different lies.
  10. As I said, grips are very personal. I do not believe their is a singular correct grip, as so much has do with swing matchups, hand size, comfort, swing intentions, etc. Ultimately, the correct grip is the one that helps you play your best golf. Then its no surprise that you will always find good players that are outliers like Bryson or a 10 finger player like Tommy Gainey. You are right that there is more than one way to play this game effectively. Thats exactly what I alluded to in the paragraph that you did not quote.
  11. There's no one size fits all here answer. Grips are very personal. Alot of it is based on your hand size. Some if it is based on the action on the ball where someone who battles the left miss might like a larger grip. Theres many, many, valid reasons why one player might prefer a smaller or larger grip. That being said, in my opinion, the explosion in midsize offerings is because a decent percentage of people grip the club incorrectly and a larger grip feels more comfortable and natural. For someone that runs the grip more through the palm of the hands and less through the fingers a standard grips feels too small. A larger grip is easier to hold with less pressure and feels better. I'd rather see the root of the problem addressed and the grip fixed, but if you are going to hold the club that way you probably do play better with midsize or +4 grips.
  12. Always been partial to the barbwire milling by MannKrafted.
  13. Quick comparison to the PGA tour leaders. I was expecting her to be close from inside 150, and she is. But very interesting that she is drastically better right now from 150-220. I would think PGA players would have a huge advantage hitting mid irons from there. Better again at 200-225. And even her number from 225-250 would put her in the top 10 on the PGA list. Well done!
  14. Fowlers made over $40 mil on the tour. Even through a bad stretch Fowler made $1,401,055 in PGA Tour earnings in the last 12 months. Im sure his sponsorships have dwindled but he used to make 10 mil a year. The Cobra deal was pretty long term, TM pix ball, rocket mortgage, etc. His house is probably worth 20 mil on a beautiful lake in Florida with a huge golf practice area in the back. He has a fantastic car collection. His wife is gorgeous. He has one daughter now. I dont blame him at all if he's sort of floating through collecting checks, spending time with his family, and enjoying his beautiful life.
  15. Thats a good point, and not an angle that I have thought about before. Here's a good one that actually happened to my father in law 10 years ago or so. 2 man best ball tournament at Pebble Beach. He and his partner are 6-10 handicaps. It's a 2 day tournament, and both days these guys are on a heater, ham and egging it perfectly. They end up with a score several under par. When they get back to the clubhouse after the second round, its clear that they crushed the net field. But they soon realize they tied a team of scratch golfers for gross as well. The tournaments heads didn't seem to have any procedures for the tie and defaulted to giving them the net trophy and the 'better team' the gross trophy. They are in a room with an open bar, buffet, couple hundred people at Pebble, so they werent going to throw a fit, but my father in law is still pissed to this day. He wanted some effort to check a tie breaker because he wanted that gross title.
  16. Gotcha. I see what you are saying. I'm admittedly biased toward the better player winning. Net comps already favor the higher caps. If there's a tie, I'd rather the better player win.
  17. Great question. Had to think about this one a little bit as nothing really jumped out to me. But there's a golf course I use to frequent that has since been turned into a bunch of homes. Very funky setup, par 70, played very short at 5700 yards, but was alot of fun. Anyway #6 was listed at 318 yards but was a dead dogleg right. Really awkward tee box lined with trees that forced most players to hit it dead straight 150 yards or so. If you had some confidence that you could elevate an iron quickly enough, you could go over the first set of trees, over the water, and cut the corner. I usually played an open face 7 iron on the 180 line shown below. Would carry 160, safely roll out and end up with a little 100 yard play in. But we would always joke about going for the green with driver. You couldnt take dead aim with it because of the trees, but if you could hit a huge banana slice that elevated quickly it was possible. Nobody had the guts though because if you didnt slice it enough it would easily carry into the fairway across the way and probably run off the course entirely. I cant imagine trying to explain that shot to the group in the other fairway. Why you nearly killed them with driver. Or worse to spend time looking for your ball in the wash and having to hit back across the fairway and hold up play. Just stupid. And thats all assuming you got it over the immediate trees in front of you. I played with a few random people that tried it and they always hit the trees and ended up in the water and you would just look at them like 'you really thought that was going to work?' Before the course closed down I picked up an old Cleveland HiBore 2 wood. This thing is 440cc, 16.5* of loft. And on the range I was just crushing high bombs. I decided to bring it my last round here, playing as a single. I knew it could get over the trees quick enough, so it was just about to putting the right amount of slice on it. I was playing 1 under to that point and more than questioned my decision. But I decided to go for it. Teed up as far left as I could, and let it rip. And sure enough it traced the perfect line to the green. High bomb, that stalled out and kept going right of right. I couldnt see it land through the trees. Unfortunately when I got up there the ball ran a foot or two into the fringe off the back right. So technically not a GIR, but I was thrilled with it. Ended up putting to within a foot for a tap in birdie. No one to see it. My friends hardly believed me. And the course is gone to try to replicate it.
  18. Not sure that I've played in a comp like that. Mostly everything is gross or has two categories that I engage in. But off the top of my head, wouldnt score on the hardest holes give the advantage to the better player (so long as they are not a plus or true scratch)? A 3 handicap, gets a stroke on the 3 hardest holes. A 18 handicap gets a stroke on every hole, including the 3 hardest holes. If we look at the hardest hole, both players get a stroke. So the better player just has to beat the higher handicap player gross on that hole. If there is a series of ties, the advantage would go to the higher handicap player once the better player no longer got a stroke, so the 4th hardest in this example.
  19. Probably not to be honest. I was assuming gross and thats just how we've always done it.
  20. To be fair, I never said anyone can hit the ball like they do. Thats a discredit to them and their efficiency. I said we already have their strength. Thats what I am comparing. You can out bench Nelly Korda. Being stuck at a handicap and thinking that you could only get better if you had more strength is a fallacy for most. The concept of golfers working out is fairly new. There have been plenty of out of shape professionals throughout the years. There are plenty now. And thats just at the highest level. Really we are talking about breaking 80 here. Im in miserable shape. I can barely put my socks on. Breaking 80 for me has nothing to do with working out or being strong or flexible or having speed. Its completely in striking the ball properly and hitting it straight-ish over and over again. There are plenty of amateur women, seniors, 300 plus pound people, people with one arm, people with one leg, that can break 80. I used LPGA players, just to point out that strength and speed are probably not your number 1 problems.
  21. You are likely stalling the body and throwing the arms creating loads more loft at impact. Something basic to sync the arms and pivot would do wonders. A band, a ball, a small range bucket.
  22. Hardest cap hole regardless what 9 it is on.
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