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  1. I don’t have it in front of me but I have put in 270 or so rounds with mine. Zero issues. Still looks great. So 270 rounds plus all the time on the range. there will always be failures as it’s just statistically impossible not to.
  2. I switch every year now. Play around 200 or more rounds in a year so with practice and play, they are very worn out. By the end of the season I barely have any spin.
  3. I saw between 2 and 4 MPH gain over my TSi3 driver. Exact same shaft, and loft. I am seeing more forgiveness as well. My average distance of drives in a round is up between 5 and 10 yards.
  4. I have hit mine over 200 times, zero marks so far. Love this driver so far.
  5. I got the driver this past week. Tried it indoors on a trackman, ball speeds were up 4mph. I had ball speeds over 170 which I never had before. Highest I went before was 168, now my new high is 172. On the course I find it to be more forgiving, and distance wise on average a couple more yards than my TSi3 driver.
  6. Ended up getting them January 7th
  7. This year I went to the Jumbo Max golf grips, STR8 Tech Tour Series. I use the medium size and I love them. They have helped me stay more stable with my hands when making contact.
  8. I ordered my P770's with graphite shafts in September, I am being told by February, ridiculous lol. At least it's the "off-season"
  9. Yes sorry, the B RX. I have played it many many times since that last post and I still love this ball.
  10. Thank you so much for this test. I had been playing Chrome LS but after reading this I went and tried the Bridgestone Tour R BX, what a difference it makes. Ton less spin for me off the driver which gave me more distance. I usually have a ball speed over 160, and this thing produced great results for me. Putting took me around 18 holes to get used to it, really comes off the putter quicker than the LS. Overall, so far I really like the ball and plan on keeping it as my gamer.
  11. Matthew / Sandy, UT 13 shoe size Nike TW71 are my current shows I want my shoes to be comfortable with as much traction as possible
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