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  1. Well now there is a coincidence .... I was the head pro at Rothland golf course in Akron for 5 years back in the early 2000's...00 - 05 and I used to play Stafford 4 or 5 times a year almost every year for about 10 yrs or so. OC was a fun trip except for finding a hotel room at 3am when the boat show is in town. Ended up in a room on the boardwalk with no hot water and a dead mouse under the edge of the bed... only room in town at the time....jeez I hate cold showers..lol!! Peace
  2. Where do you guys play when you come up here? I have played pretty much all of the courses in the area being that I was a PGA pro in the WNY section and we have the opportunity to play just about everywhere. (nice little perk) Except of course Country Club of Buffalo. CCB was the hardest ticket in town. In over 20 years I only got on there once and that was because they hosted a section tournament. I see you are In Maryland. Three of us drove all night about 20 years ago to Ocean City and played Eagles Nest or Eagles Landing I cant remember the name. Then we played Ocean City Golf and Yacht club then drove home, One he** of a weekend. Peace
  3. Albion...halfway between Rochester and Buffalo
  4. Not a fellow tester but I can relate to that feeling. Back in the day my test for how the cover felt was to take 2 balls in one hand and rub them together (like trying to roll one over the other with pressure on them) and if they stuck together and wouldn't move properly then I figured a nice soft cover. If you did that say... with a Pinnacle they would slide around like ice on ice. Good luck with your testing. Looking forward to the results....he says with envy.... Peace
  5. Hi all... I am from Western NY..I was a PGA Pro for 20 odd years and am now retired.. play in a few leagues with my buddies I have a league cap but no USGA handicap... At 68 I still manage to shoot in the mid 70s to mid 80s depends on what body part is hurting that day... Started playing at 29 and turned pro at 39 (needed a job at that time so I figured what the heck... why not... Not playing at the moment.. mother nature has other ideas as to what I should be doing... once it warms up I'll get back to it (16* for a high yesterday) Looking forward to the new equipment reviews and such... wouldn't mind testing for MGS if I was asked Peace
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