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  1. Wait a few months and be sure to demo the Mizuno 2022 FliHi Driving irons. Mizuno released this video yesterday 11/28/21 2 thru 4
  2. Take a look at the PXG 0211STs that came out this year. Pure forged look and feel great. Price is not what you think. Be prepared to be shocked. I just purchased just 7,8,9 a few weeks ago because pricing was so low and wanted to see how they behaved in the scoring clubs (I have a Miz. T20 bent to my PW specs). Check them out... they felt, look and performed much better for the $$. PXG is changing its business model for the better I think. (I did demo the Sub70 639 CB and MB last year and liked them quite a bit but picked up the 6,7,8,9 i in the 699PRO which had more forgiveness and distance -- I think you know that Sub70 has a demo program that you should really try first. ) The 0211 ST Forged is clean looking... no screws or weights but you need to be a ball striker but not at the MP-20 level in my opinion to get good performance!!
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