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  1. Two questions which I don't think were brought up in this thread yet... When you miss on short putts (under 5 feet) vs long putts do your miss left or right? (assuming you are right handed). Have you setup for a putt and feel like you are aligned, then put your club down along the toes of your shoes, step back, and see which way left, right or parallel to the path to the hole you are favoring. These are two things you can learn about your general putting strokes that if in fact you do go for a putter fitting you should be prepared to let the fitter know. They should ask you "do you generally miss left or right?" Then they should be inspecting your alignment to a straight no break shot. The second one might give you some real insight without spending a dime! I miss left and I also line up left without realizing it! If you actually arc more naturally and push left, then the recommendation will likely be some degree of toe hang to stabilize. If you do both arc AND set up left unconciously it will be even worse. Better to address alignment than to get a really toe down putter head since if you fix alignment then you may miss right. I have not been fit, but since I know my tendencies I would be looking for from the technology (and the fitter's expertise assuming they have any) is what is the right length of club and lie angle for my natural stroke and then what face balance best suits my natural swing. Is it worth the money? Only if the fitter knows what he or she is doing, and then only maybe or if nothing else to satisfy your curiosity so you don't keep wondering if a fitting will help. If you have a lot of putter swing thoughts, then all bets are off until you feel natural. Just physics of the brain and muscles I suspect.
  2. Wait a few months and be sure to demo the Mizuno 2022 FliHi Driving irons. Mizuno released this video yesterday 11/28/21 2 thru 4
  3. Take a look at the PXG 0211STs that came out this year. Pure forged look and feel great. Price is not what you think. Be prepared to be shocked. I just purchased just 7,8,9 a few weeks ago because pricing was so low and wanted to see how they behaved in the scoring clubs (I have a Miz. T20 bent to my PW specs). Check them out... they felt, look and performed much better for the $$. PXG is changing its business model for the better I think. (I did demo the Sub70 639 CB and MB last year and liked them quite a bit but picked up the 6,7,8,9 i in the 699PRO which had more forgiveness and distance -- I think you know that Sub70 has a demo program that you should really try first. ) The 0211 ST Forged is clean looking... no screws or weights but you need to be a ball striker but not at the MP-20 level in my opinion to get good performance!!
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