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  1. Nelson, Hogan, Snead, Ouimet and the rest of the men who turned this game in to what it is today are turning over in their graves.
  2. Is it really necessary for a pro who leaves a putt 4 to 6 inches short mark his ball and rearrange it? Bryson left a putt inches from the hole, marked it, replaced it and proceeded to sink the putt. This is ridiculous.
  3. Top-Flite Hammer or Gamer. Long and holds the green. $30 for 2-15 ball boxes at Dicks.
  4. Roll it on a level floor. If it veers off course it's defective. During the era of Nelson, Hogan, Snead and Demerit they would buy 2 dozen balls and roll them on the floor, Out of the 2 dozen only a half dozen rolled true and they still shot lights out. Sorry, but pros today are too persnickety.
  5. Is it necessary to remove your glove when putting? Jack Nicklaus did not. He brought this up on the Golf Channel during Masters week. He said he never removed his glove during a round because he said the thumb would stretch and after one round he would have to throw the glove away. By not removing the glove he was able to play 2 or 3 rounds with it. Any comments?
  6. Can somebody please explain to me why the USGA is against Bryson using a compass during a tournament? Do they know what a compass is and what it does? It shows direction, N, S, E, W and combinations thereof. It doesn't show DISTANCE, SLOPE OF THE GROUND, SPEED OF THE PUTTING SURFACE or WIND SPEED. Bryson is a science nerd. He's into the physics of the golf game. So what? I guess the brain trust at the USGA were never in the Scouts.
  7. I was watching a special on the Golf Channel about Jack Nicklaus. One thing that I found interesting is that Jack never took off his golf glove during a round. He said that taking a glove off and putting it back on caused the thumb to stretch which annoyed him. By leaving his glove on he was able to play the entire tournament with one glove. If he took it off everytime he was putting, the glove only lasted one round.
  8. Since it appears that quite a few players on the PGA tour have gone back to wearing steel spiked shoes, what would be the prognosis of allowing amateur golfers and the general golfing public to wear steel spiked shoes again? I for one would welcome back the possibility of wearing them since the spikeless and rubber spiked shoes have a tendency to slide when hitting a shot.
  9. The book was last published in 1996. So the discussion of the ball going to far is 25 years old.
  10. Forget all this talk about tee heights. If the USGA and the R&A want to limit the distance a ball goes, reduce the overall weight from 1.62 ounces to 1.3 ounces. For a better explanation of this get the book "Search for the Perfect Swing" by Alastair Cochran and John Stobbs. There's a complete discussion of this in Chapter 26 entitled "What Flight of What Ball", specifically the paragraphs on pages 170 and 171.
  11. Aside from the cost, what is the maximum degree off flat horizontal will this putter remain standing?
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