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  1. Just more golf and less celebrities. Broadcasters can show their swing but dont harp on their interview. Wk
  2. Finally they are listening to the golfers. I understand no slope. This is a correct step forward to the game on the highest level. Get rid of those books. Wk
  3. I just hate when they ask to tag friends. I understand to get a more people but I just dont like to tell everyone what I am doing. Wk
  4. The format of the playoff is non issue if you just play well and consistent all the time. Wk
  5. Zero and reside in Flemington NJ MP20 MMC 155yards I saw of them when I was at the PGA Demo Day. Dont know a great deal about them but when I tried their equipment it was bvery nice. Wk
  6. Wally Kim - NJ Never had a GPS Always used Bushnell V4 Wk
  7. i dont think it was forest because carts are mandatory no matter what. River and Meadow you can walk. These two courses are the ones right next to the clubhouse. Forest is over 1/2 mile from the clubhouse. they did a lot of work on the meadow, especially the back nine. Really tough. Wk
  8. Good courses. Havent played them in a while. maybe over 10 years. Wk
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