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  1. Ok Guys its been officially 4 months that I have been actively using this device. When I stated I could not palm any objects to pick up or simply bend my elbow. I am happy to say my elbow is over 90% better and I do not have to worry about pain after my round and when I am living my life. I was very skeptical but this was a life saver for me. I wouldn't know what i would of done if I could not play or hit balls. Thank you Sta active for this opportunity to test their product. I have recommended to my of my friends and acquaintances. I will continue to use it to keep the pain away. Thank you. Wk
  2. Ok I want to give an update how my elbow is doing with the FIIX Elbow. My elbow must of been really messed up because I still feel the pain at times. It doesnt help that I am still pounding balls. I think without the device I would have to stop practicing altogether. I use it 3x a week and exercise my elbow. The pain comes and goes but its especially bad in the mornings. I will continue to use the Fiix Elbow and see how it will be. wk
  3. First thank you MGS and John at Sta active Fiix Elbow for this opportunity. Before I write my review I am long time golfer of over 25years. I am an avid golfer and who loves to pound balls all day. My handicap is zero and my equipment is alway the latest. I am also a club tinker and a junky. Now that I got that off my chest let me tell you about my body. I am in pretty good shape and my shirt and pants size hasn’t changed since high school. I try to workout as much as I can but with work and three kids I am lucky to hit the gym once a week. I have tendinitis on both shoulda but I have been exercising them so they have been feeling pretty good. My tennis elbow along with my golf elbow started acting up this winter when I was hitting balls off the mat. When this opportunity came up to test this never heard devise (just to me) I wanted to enter. I was CHOSEN. I looked on YouTube to see how to work it and I was excited to try it. When the Fiix Elbow came I charged it over night and prepared my self to try it the following day. I put the ointment on that smelled awesome and placed the device on my upper fore arm like the direction it came with. I stated with 5 minutes as it was instructed. The felling was wild. Little pain along with soothing massage sensation. I did have to adjust it on my arm to get the best effect but once I found where was suppose to go it was heaven. After the first use my arm felt great. I was able to move my arm better without pain. After an hour I started to feel the pain come back but that was a improvement since I always felt the pain. I looked forward to using it again. John emailed me with the proper use of the device and I have been following them. I use it 3 days a week and increased one additional minute each use. I have officially had this device for 9 days now and up to nine minutes each session. I am seeing vast improvements and along with the exercises it’s really working. I know it’s still early I look to see how it will feel after every week. I will post my weekly improvements. As of now it’s all great. Thanks for your time fellow golfers and I will keep all of you informed. Wk
  4. Just more golf and less celebrities. Broadcasters can show their swing but dont harp on their interview. Wk
  5. Finally they are listening to the golfers. I understand no slope. This is a correct step forward to the game on the highest level. Get rid of those books. Wk
  6. I just hate when they ask to tag friends. I understand to get a more people but I just dont like to tell everyone what I am doing. Wk
  7. The format of the playoff is non issue if you just play well and consistent all the time. Wk
  8. Zero and reside in Flemington NJ MP20 MMC 155yards I saw of them when I was at the PGA Demo Day. Dont know a great deal about them but when I tried their equipment it was bvery nice. Wk
  9. Wally Kim - NJ Never had a GPS Always used Bushnell V4 Wk
  10. i dont think it was forest because carts are mandatory no matter what. River and Meadow you can walk. These two courses are the ones right next to the clubhouse. Forest is over 1/2 mile from the clubhouse. they did a lot of work on the meadow, especially the back nine. Really tough. Wk
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