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  1. Hello, thanks for the feedback to all that have replied. I think to add my original question I was wondering also at what point an not new set of clubs may hinder someone starting out. For anyone else starting out this would be my advice to you from someone doing it. A lot of people starting out may not be able or want to shell out for a brand new, fit for you, set of clubs. Older clubs (within reason, i am not talking hickory drivers and razor blades) are no issue but fitment can be, length is probably the key one I think but it is not the only consideration. Misfitting clubs will not help you develop a proper swing technique and may promote poor form. If you get a set that is in the ball park for length you can get a golf shop to adjust lie angles for you, which is what I have now done and you'll be at a good starting point. From there quality of mishits would become a matter of personal preference based on what you want out of the game and how much you are enjoying playing it.
  2. Hi Guys, A question for someone fairly new to Golf. I am very much a beginner working on building up my skills going through some lessons at my local and working on drills in my own time too. My intention is to put time into learning a good base of fundamentals. Currently I would play a round once a week plus practice once or twice a week as well. My current set of clubs is a mish-mash of hand me downs for the most part. in particular my irons are a set of cavity backs from the 90's and compared to anything current they are far less forgiving but perfectly capable if hit sweetly. Am i right in thinking this can actually be a good thing for someone at my level? The thinking being that the lack of forgiveness will be better, more instant feedback on my ball striking ability. I don't want to be masking any errors at the moment, I would rather preference honing my skills. Interested to hear feedback from others who have followed a similar path. Does it make sense or will I really be better off maybe looking for a newer set of irons (likely second hand still)?
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