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  1. I have a 50 count desktop humidor I just restocked with a few sticks. I really like My Father The Judge, Flor de Las Antillas and Fuente Double Chateau. I picked up a Herf-a-dor from CI that came with a 5 pack of La Aroma De Cuba. For those Bourbon Lovers, I saw Buffalo Trace brand cigars on Cigars International.com. https://www.cigarsinternational.com/p/buffalo-trace-cigars/2039200/ Let me know if yall have tried one.
  2. I added a Mavrik Pro AW to replace my 50* Vokey SM6. The AW matches my irons set so I get more consistency and a few more yards. Its been one of my best decisions this season, shot my 2 lowest rounds recently, dropped my handicap by about 4!
  3. Congratulations Harry for winning at Westfields!
  4. A few years back i bought a Mizuno MP68 6I off ebay for maybe $25. Just for the fun of it. I love the way it looks
  5. 91-102. However, I pickup after a triple, due to frustration, pace of play and ego
  6. I have that condition of bad shot amnesia, I only remember the good ones. My carry distances are always my potential if i rip a good one and not my actual, so i feel i should be a playing at a 15 handicap instead of a 19. Im the guy who thinks hes a better player than his score shows. I may be taking this golf thing too seriously....
  7. 6 years. My first set was a cheap brand called Ram Golf, bought them at a Sports Authority when i picked up golf in my teens and replaced them after college. Bought a set of Taylormade Speedblades from Dicks. I started to get an itch about 2 years ago to upgrade, but i bought lessons instead. Glad i did because i dropped about 10 strokes, shooting in the lower 100s to lower 90s. Recently I went to a Callaway fitting and fell in love with the Mavrik Pros. Waiting for them to arrive at the pro shop to pick them up.
  8. Just played 18. Was not having a great morning, my driver want working, putter wasnt rolling straight. Terrible round, started to think it might actually be me and not my clubs. I was in a dark place. Long story short, I finished Birdie Birdie. So I guess you could so IM BACK! Cant wait, probably going to break 80 next time im out
  9. I'm a lefty, but sometimes i'm a righty. All my life I have played baseball lefty, Lacrosse Lefty, left footed in soccer, left hockey stick, lefty golf clubs too. However, i'm right eye dominant when it comes to shooting, and i write right handed. In High school my buddy and i were evenly matched playing ping pong, he was righty, I was lefty, so we decided to switch. Now i am an ambidextrous ping pong player. Right is still weaker than left, but i can hold my own. When it comes to golfing, i have a hard time seeing the line on the green, behind the ball is fine, but over the ball looks like im way offline. I am debating getting a right handed putter to putt with a left handed grip, in order for my dominant eye to see the line better. Has anyone tried this before?
  10. Ditto! I first entered the raffle in 2018 and struck gold! I went to the Monday practice round and brought my father along. We were lucky enough to have cousins living in the area so we had a free place to stay. Beautiful course, not a blade of grass out of place! We walked the whole course, stopped at the 16 to watch some players skip balls across the pond. Saw Tiger on the range, from a distance, seating was packed. Pimento cheese sammy + beer was lunch, i could eat that every day. I only regret not buying more merch.
  11. VSGA posted this on their Handicap website, I understand the 5ft guidelines, generous gimme. But more then 20 feet is a little absurd.
  12. I had a very favorable experience at GolfTech two years ago. In March they have a sale on lesson packs so i signed up for the 10 lesson pack and got 20% off. I made sure to use the unlimited practice about 3 times a week and scheduled a lesson about every 2 weeks. The video practice was the most beneficial because it was an easy way for me to see my swing and get on the correct path. It was also helpful to play 18 and discuss my misses with the coach to guide the lessons. I used the free fitting for new driver and woods. Before the lessons i was barely breaking 100 consistently. After the 10 lessons and 3 months of video practice i dropped about 10 shots and broke 90 once. I am still a high handicapper, but my GT experience was outstanding.
  13. I love my Garmin Approach S20. Simple, no frills, distances are easy to read. I wear it everyday on and off the course. For dressier occasions ill wear a classic Citizen or Bulova. I am deff a watch guy, wrist tan and all. I love the Omega watch James Bond wore in Spectre.
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