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  1. The numbers displayed on my Leupold GX-3i2 began to fade last year after 6 years of use (only had to change the battery once). I called customer support and they asked that I send them the unit. Ten days later I received a box with a new GX-3i3. No problems at all. I bought the Leupold because of the lifetime warranty and they kept their word. Leupold only has the lifetime warranty on the 5-series rangefinder now, so when mine dies I will be out of luck.
  2. I don't have a horror story of any place in terms of fitting, but I do have some advice. First, talk to an independent fitter in your area (even Hot Stix, Tru-Spec is they are local) and explain what you are looking for. Always discuss your price range so you don't waste time testing a shaft that you will never buy ($700 TPT driver shaft for someone with a 110 mph swing comes to mind). Check out what they carry in terms of heads and shafts and whether they can get something else that you might be interested in trying. Once you choose a fitter, bring your clubs to the fitting so you can compare. Simulators have a multiplier that can be adjusted to change carry yardages, some unsavory vendors like to increase the multiplier to make it look like you are hitting the ball further. Using your clubs as a reference will give you a standard for comparison purposes. [I tested a TaylorMade driver a few years back and hit it the same distance as my 5 year old driver. The guy at PGA Tour Superstore just looked and told me there was no reason to change at this time]. Prepare to spend a few hours during your fitting and it may take multiple sessions to get it right. You will be tired and your swing may suffer by the end of the session. From looking at your carry yardages, I am guessing that your driver swing speed is in the 90-95 mph range. If that is accurate, your 8 degree driver isn't giving you enough spin to keep the ball in the air long enough (which would explain your 235 yd carry). With a swing speed in this range you are going to be in the meaty section of the bell curve and you should be able to find a variety of shafts that should fit your swing in a wide range of prices. Good luck on your journey.
  3. I bought the MISIG because I noticed I was not able to get the club back to parallel. I spend a few minutes daily using it (both right handed and left handed) and I notice that I can get the club back further. I also feel the muscles in my lower/mid back are stronger. Here are a few tips. Start slow with maybe 10 reps on each side (you will exert yourself) and increase after a few days. In addition to making sure that you keep your left arm (for righties) straight, work on the path of your back swing (get your shoulder under your chin) and your weight shift as well. I found that jerking the MISIG back haphazardly led to similar bad habits on the course. I like the tool and find it helpful. When I am hitting the ball well, I notice I may have gained a few yards off the tee.
  4. I have heard a lot about Barney Adams's new stability putter shaft with its reported 1 degree of torque and he makes a compelling story about missing putts because of shaft deflection. However, $200 for a putter shaft is pretty steep, especially when the putter may have already cost $200-$400. Are there other alternatives out there for a more reasonable price? Can I get similar results from a Dynamic Gold X100 (1.5 degrees torque, less after being cut) which runs less than $30?
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