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  1. I bought the MISIG because I noticed I was not able to get the club back to parallel. I spend a few minutes daily using it (both right handed and left handed) and I notice that I can get the club back further. I also feel the muscles in my lower/mid back are stronger. Here are a few tips. Start slow with maybe 10 reps on each side (you will exert yourself) and increase after a few days. In addition to making sure that you keep your left arm (for righties) straight, work on the path of your back swing (get your shoulder under your chin) and your weight shift as well. I found that jerking
  2. I have heard a lot about Barney Adams's new stability putter shaft with its reported 1 degree of torque and he makes a compelling story about missing putts because of shaft deflection. However, $200 for a putter shaft is pretty steep, especially when the putter may have already cost $200-$400. Are there other alternatives out there for a more reasonable price? Can I get similar results from a Dynamic Gold X100 (1.5 degrees torque, less after being cut) which runs less than $30?
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