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  1. Bryce Austin, Tx 14 Mizuno HMP T100S - I know I'm not in the range of the recommended handicap, but ball striking is one of my strengths and I grew up playing AP2s. Spent some time off from playing golf but have been quick to get back into shape and getting the cap down.
  2. Bryce, Texas 16 Handicap 21* Hybrid Would really love to test this out! Having real problems in the hybrid category because they all seem so light and whippy. Would love the chance to try out a heavy x or tx. All the munis where I live are still open and I have access to a launch monitor.
  3. Bryce/Texas Aldila Tour Green Stiff 65g 121 mph Way less spin, better dispersion, distance will come if the shaft actually fits (Clearly need and X-stiff) Yes
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