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  1. Very nice setup you got there, I really enjoy my Mizuno CLK hybrid so it's cool to see another gaming one. Those irons look great! Overall, awesome looking mixed bag!
  2. Great looking set of clubs, best of luck during the remainder of the season! Keep us posted!
  3. Thanks for sharing pal, currently trying to consistently shoot in the 90s (personal best is 87) so I'll be on a similar journey as you. Will be really interesting to see how you progress. Best of luck!
  4. Great opportunity for everyone, won't be putting my name in the bag thought. Don't think I would do this driver justice, but good luck to everyone else. Thanks for the opportunity fellas!
  5. Great looking set of clubs, those sub70s look fantastic. Very interested in that brand (looking for wedges and a 3 wood at the moment), looks great though!
  6. AJ / FL 17.4 Mizuno CLK 22* Being able to hold a green and fit the proper yard gap
  7. Those sub70s lookin real good. I have been interested in their wedges and woods as well. How are you getting along with them? Sweet looking set though!
  8. Congrats guys! Very interested to see how those lines work out for those testers.
  9. I've always wondered about the Arccos system, thought about making the purchase. What about it turns you off from it tech-wise?
  10. Location and HC: Merritt Island, FL ; HCP: 17.9 Current line method: Use OEM alignment lines Ball: Wilson Staff DUO Soft (New Model) ; Personalization: "AJ G"
  11. After having a horrendous practice session yesterday (hit maybe three good shots before beginning to lose my cool) I thought I would come on here to see if you guys have any advice as far as improving consistency, and tips for maintaining a positive outlook even when nothing goes your way. Currently I am struggling with an in to out club path and excessive grip roll (due to an ever changing grip for whatever reason) which can begin to be aggravating at times. So I suppose this would be the second part of my question as far as swing thoughts and feels I could utilize to help me form a neutral club path that is repeatable. Thank you all for any and all advice you might have and I hope everyone is staying safe during these times.
  12. 17.9. Merritt Island, FL IG: gutierrezaj7 Twitter: GutierrezAJ7 8-10 (all 18 hole rounds) Current OEMs: TaylorMade, Titleist, Odyssey, Mizuno Dream Bag: (RH) Driver: SPEEDZONE XTREME 10.5* Tensei AV Blue 65R (White or Yellow Color Scheme, I'm not picky) Woods: King Speedzone Fwy 3W Tensei AV Blue 65R Hybrids: King Hybrid 4H UST Recoil 480 ESX (F3) R Iron: King Speedzone Std Length 5-PW SZ KBS Tour 90 Steel Stiff Wedges: King MIM Wedges 50*,54*,60* KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 Steel Stiff (Would prefer True Temper Dynamic Gold 105 Steel Stiff if possible) Good luck to all! Super excited to see who ends up winning and how they get on with the challenge.
  13. A.J. / Merritt Island, FL HCP: 17.9 Current Iron Model Played: Taylormade M4 4-PW I would like to test the PTX Pro-Icon Combo please
  14. Merritt Island, FL Callaway 2019 X-Cart Bag Lightweight, 14 individual slots, and maximal storage
  15. Can't go wrong with the SM8's, nice setup!
  16. I've got some new toys to add to the bag (also a new bag!) after my birthday passed earlier this month, so here are the spoils.. I have added a new iron set to my bag along with a new hybrid I'm currently testing. Here are the details of my updated WITB: Driver: Wilson Staff Cortex 10.5* ATMOS Red 65g 3W: Condor Golf 16* (Trusty Rusty ) Hybrid: Currently testing the GAPR Mid 19* but still gaming the Mizuno CLK 22* 4H (still considering lowering the loft to 20*, but not sure) Irons: 4-PW M4 (KBS Max 85g Stiff Steel Shafts) Wedges: Titleist Vokey SM6 52* , SM5 56*, SM6 60* Putter: Odyssey White Hot 2 Ball (considering a change but have not decided to pull the trigger quite yet) Bag: 2019 Select Stand Bag (usually use my cart bag mentioned in my prior WITB for rounds, but have been using the stand bag for range sessions or when I decide to walk 18) Now that I've got new irons (new to me at least ) I feel like I need to make some wedge changes (irons are strong lofted - 43.5* PW). Considering the loft of the PW, I feel like my GW at 52* is not going to be strong enough to maintain a proper gap between the two. Maybe when this pandemic subsides and some of the guidelines have been eased, I might consider getting a gap test. Let me know what you guys think I should do with my wedge gapping (was considering a GW around 48-50* and a SW at around 54*). I will also leave some pictures of the newly updated set of clubs I am gaming. Hope everyone is doing well and is staying safe! Take care everybody.
  17. Contemplated putting this post together with regards to the current COVID-19 pandemic, but thought I would post this on here to provide some sort of encouragement. About 2 weeks ago I shot the best round I have shot ever (an 87!). Considering my HCP, I really don't think I could have played any better (maybe could have putted better but who knows ). I will mention that the course I played was cautious in there procedures for safe play. They did a great job of placing cut pool noodles into pins (to pull cups about halfway up) and told everyone not to pull pins. I also noticed that they were going to great lengths to clean the carts and even had golfers take individual carts to abide by the social distancing guidelines. I know it's hard for some of you guys to not be able to play at your local courses, but hopefully my round I had two weeks ago can be some form of inspiration to keep moving forward. Hopefully everyone will be able to return to this game very soon, but until then I hope everyone is staying safe! Now on to the round, I shot an 87 with some help from my lowest front nine score of 40. I was playing my best golf but with some mistakes obviously. I drove the ball well, and my approaches were solid. I struggled the most with my short game which is ironic because on most rounds that is what saves my score. All in all it was a solid round which led to my best score yet. I'll post the scorecard and some stats as well for you guys to see. Just thought I would humbly brag about my round .
  18. Nice sounding set of clubs, would love to see some pictures though! For your hybrid dilemma, I would suggest working on the GAPR off the deck simply off of looks though . Also, which of the two do you hit further? You may want to look at this from a gapping standpoint and figure out which of the two would best fit the gap between your 3 wood and 5 iron. You're also only carrying 13 clubs (USGA limit is 14 I believe) so you have one more slot for that gap wedge. Nice sounding set though!
  19. Good looking set of clubs you got there, those rogue x irons are an incredible set of clubs!
  20. Most definitely gotta see some pictures, especially of those irons!
  21. Gotta see some pictures!!
  22. 1. Merritt Island, FL. 23. 2. ~100 3. Above average 4. I will definitely work through the entire 48 week program as I was very interested to see how well this system works and if it can help my game. If it were not for the price point, I probably would have already purchased this myself. This would be an incredible opportunity if I were to be selected for this testing. Good luck all!
  23. Really like the set up, those apex irons are awesome!
  24. First off, that's is some fantastic data and I really appreciate you taking the time to put this together. From your stats it looks like you have a really solid putting game (66% from 10' to 20' WOW). It was interesting to see how well the Windy City was able to keep up with your TA3, considering you played the majority of last season with the TA3. I'm also curious what kind of putting stroke you have as that may explain part of the results. Also with the putter length differences, could you feel any sort of variance (feel, etc) between the two? Again, I really appreciate you taking your time to do this. Great little experiment that was extremely helpful for me.
  25. That is one dream worthy setup.. that putter... phew.
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