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  1. A.J. / Merritt Island, FL Zelos 7 Stiff Flex ~105 KBS MAX 85g Stiff
  2. Congrats to the ones who were chosen! Very excited to hear how they all get along with the testing!
  3. A.J./ Merritt Island, FL I am a right handed golfer 3 Wood Regular Flex and backup would be Hybrid Regular Flex ~15 HCP currently I currently play two hybrids (19*, 22*) Thank you for the opportunity and good luck to everyone!
  4. I was able to get the watch out for 8 holes this past weekend (heavy rain canceled the back nine) and I did notice the battery was at about 78%. So I have not noticed any crazy battery drain that @ballplayer002003 experienced. I really enjoy the hole view feature of the watch, extremely helpful to see hazard carry distances and approach yardages depending on landing zone. I actually don't mind the simplistic stats that the LX5 gathers. I really only need FIR, GIR, putts as far as stats go at my current level of play. My only issue with the watch is the face thickness but I think that's startin
  5. Played my first round with the watch so I thought I'd share a few of my thoughts: 1. Watch is incredibly light, did not feel it at all during any of my swings 2. Really enjoyed using the "dynamic holevue" feature where I could see yardages to bunkers, hazards, and lay up spots 3. Watch took a bit of time to load the course I was playing (I'd say about ~5 min) 4. Scoring feature was really easy to use, but could not quite figure out how to track GIRs (probably need to read more of the user manual) 5. Only negative for me was the watch froze up on me on hole 15, and to
  6. Very excited to get it on the course this weekend! Got to play around with it yesterday (take a look at the course demo, heart rate monitor, etc.) and noticed how easy it was to navigate. I will say it was quite large at first when I took it out of the box, but was able to get used to the size on my wrist. Plus, it was incredibly light which was surprising because it did not appear that it would be. Cannot wait to get my hands on it again after work today!
  7. Merritt Island, FL Preferred product: Gummies or softgels Can be hot headed at times, struggle with maintaining a calm demeanor I do not use any sort of fitness tracking at the moment, but sometimes look at iPhone heart app data occasionally.
  8. I've actually got one in the stock KBS stiff shaft if you're interested. I can send pictures as soon as I am home if you'd like.
  9. I would assume starting with the driver is a good idea. That's probably what I am going to start with (or 3 wood, my other tee club). That's exactly my other thought. Sometimes out on the course I feel like I put a good swing on the club but the result doesn't match. So that leads to me thinking that it sometimes IS the club and not me.
  10. Currently playing off a 15.7, shooting high 80s to low 90s currently. So maybe lessons first then club fitting might be the approach I take. Also if it's fun, I'm all for it! Definitely will start with lessons first to assess my swing flaws. I know I currently struggle with coming over the top which produces that borderline slice. So I figure if I can remedy that swing flaw I would probably be more inclined to get fit.
  11. Basically what I am after is if getting a club fitting is actually worth it. I am still a bit skeptical only because I believe my game is not good enough to be properly fit. Currently, I do not think I am consistent enough to be fit. This is partly due to inadequate practice but I keep hearing the whole "learning how to ride a bike that does not fit you" analogy, so I am wondering if there is any merit to that. I probably need to go and receive lessons before I decide to be fitted. I guess I just wanted to hear everyone's thoughts on the whole fitting process and if you notice any drastic chan
  12. A.J. / Merritt Island, FL 16.2 HCP TaylorMade M4 (5-PW) Good luck guys!
  13. You have the one with the slope function right? I ended up buying the one without since a majority of the courses I play do not change in elevation very much. We will definitely have to compare notes, very interested in seeing how these two technologies can work together.
  14. I would imagine having those yardages to hazards, etc would be helpful. I actually just received my Precision Pro rangefinder that I will be using in conjunction with the watch. So hopefully I’ll have an actual answer to your question once I get my hands on the LX5 Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  15. I would have to agree with @TCUFrog but also looking forward to the stat tracking with the watch. Big numbers guy so it'll be nice to have access to that kind of data.
  16. Congrats guys, looking forward to reading those reviews!
  17. A.J. / Merritt Island, FL Titleist Vokey SM5/6 48* AW Good luck all!
  18. Intro: Thank you to the guys at MGS and SkyGolf for the opportunity to test the LX5. Very excited to get my hands on this piece of technology. So I guess this is when I talk a little bit about myself so here we go. I initially started playing golf when I was around the age of 6 (played a couple junior tournaments) but then got away from the game until about a year ago (age 22, very long hiatus). Started playing on the weekends with my father and quickly got addicted to the game again. I became intrigued by golf equipment and the new technology that came with it. I currently play off arou
  19. I currently play with an old Garmin vivoactive on whenever I am playing and it does not bother me at all. I don't suspect to have any issues with wearing the watch while I play. Although, I do remember hearing (via the No Putts Giving podcast on MGS) that wearing a watch actually decreases club head speed by 1 MPH (equals around 2 yards of carry). I'll probably barely be able to tell that amount of difference but time will tell.
  20. I remember reading on the SkyCaddie website that it is partially waterproof up to some value, but I personally will not be using it while swimming. Simply because I don't prefer having things on my wrist while I swim or anywhere near water. But we'll see, won't know till I get it on my wrist.
  21. No shot tracking tech for me at the moment, so I will be using the LX5 to its maximum ability. I will be definitely using it as an everyday watch because of the heart rate monitoring and step count/distance function. Also that watch looks smooth, so that's a bonus.
  22. SkyCaddie LX5 GPS Smartwatch – Official MGS Forum Review by AGutierrez7 Introduction: Currently I am sitting around a 16 handicap and play almost every weekend, sometimes during the week. I like to know the numbers maybe more than others so that I can clear my mind of any club choice thoughts. Currently utilize quite a bit of technology (rangefinder, gps watch, and sometimes a phone app to record statistics). Personal Questions: Region: Orlando/Merritt Island FL Area How long I have been playing golf: Almost a year (used to play when I was young, so slowly getting ba
  23. If you happen to have the original shaft, let me know flex/weight and price you are after. Thanks!
  24. Currently searching for a Mizuno CLK 2017 3H RH, preferably in a Fujikura Speeder HB 75 R flex. Can't find it anywhere else so thought I'd post it here. Thanks guys.
  25. Good luck to all who entered, really interesting in the Sub 70 lineup. Actually I just ordered their hybrid to demo. Definitely not worthy of these irons, so I'll be keeping my hands out of this one. Really awesome of Sub 70 to be involved with MyGolfSpy.
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