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  1. Really hope this means I can wear it on my left wrist (as a lefty). I'm right hand dominant but swing left (baseball, hockey, golf)
  2. Mine showed up yesterday and now I cant wait to get out and play. May have to play hookie from work. For what its worth, I placed my order on Monday (7/6) and it arrived 1 week later (7/13). Mchenry, IL to Nashville. DHL tracking was hot garbage and USPS was only slightly better.
  3. Mine did the same thing DHL said USPS has it, USPS says DHL has it. Hopefully it gets here sooner rather than later
  4. I ordered mine on Monday and its been hell waiting on DHL and USPS. I was looking at the garmin approach S20 for so long then this popped up and I was sold. To have GPS and be able to get gapping will go a long way in my game. Can't wait for it to get here!
  5. Just signed up and donated. Can I also get the 'Lefty' badge?
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