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  1. So you're saying that basically the responsibility of product quality lies on customer? Inconsistent sizing isn't on manufacturer? And still, this is not the essence of it.
  2. If you are okay with censoring honest experience descriptions, or for that matter censoring in general, then this post is probably not for you. I'm not taking it personally. But I guess some of us might not like to be fed only half-truths and falsely glorified information.
  3. @jlukes The thing is returning was not really an option for me as I'm located in eastern Europe. It would have been too much of a hassle. This I also mentioned in my first letter to customer service. So all I had was a possibility to warn others and that was taken away from me, kind of. About patience, public bashing and signing up just now, I gave it three weeks for them to make it right. And I was unable to make myself heard on their website. So what were my options? Just let it go? But I think you have lost the essence of my experience. Is this a transparent way of operating? Do you as a customer appreciate misleading information?
  4. Wanted to warn anyone planning to invest in Linksoul's apparel. Bought two of the Rambler long sleeve shirts while visiting states. Liked those quite a bit. Went the distance to order another two from their website and was amazed. But not in a good way. The size of these two was off compared to the others I had. These were considerably shorter and furthermore, one shirt was defectively put together. I wanted to warn others by posting a warning product review. Just to find out that Linksoul doesn't appreciate negative reviews. At first their response was that it takes some time for the web team to publish reviews. After three weeks of emails they just flat out said that they can (and seems that will) moderate the content per their preferences. If it happened to me, then it's reasonable to think it has happened to others. In fact, they have no reviews below 4 stars or saying something negative. At least for this specific product. So, long story short, don't believe their product ratings. Meanwhile I'll try to figure out my next steps about this. Sorry about my broken English, it's foreign language for me.
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