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  1. Just did and iron fitting went in to try the titleist cb, Jpx 919 tours hit everything but the pings. my ranking based on testing. 1. Titleist CB- purchased with $-Taper shafts 2. P760s- close second, word is they are updating this this summer 3. apex pro. Big surprise, if you need ball speed these things were incredible. 4. Mizuno MMC 20 5 JPX 919 tours
  2. I was fit into the $ Taper 120. my driver shaft is the rogue silver 130 60 TS
  3. There's a food grade silicone spray that my custom putter builder told me to use. I would tape the grooves off and then spray the whole wedge after you soak it in coke or clr to remove the black. I always buy the black wedges and remove the finish within the first month or so.
  4. Baffled by all the conflicting information out there on wedge shafts. Just fit into $ Tapers in my irons after playing x flex lightweight iron shafts. Long story for another day, but made some swing changes and needed different clubs. Probably should replace my wedges since I still have the SM6 from Titleist and play 50 rounds a year. Just looking for a) who plays the same shaft in wedges as iron b) who uses wedge specific shafts, and do you notice a difference c) the truth!
  5. New to the forum, but longtime equipment junkie and tinkerer. my swing is anywhere from 105 to 113. currently playing the Rogue 130 Silver 60 TS On an epic flash subzero My goal for driver this year is to work on a consistent shot preferably a fade. My spin is on the low side, so I’d like to optimize soon with my launch. I like to feel a bit more action through the shaft. I really like mine now but it’s not the best/smoothest feeing shaft ive used. Previous shaft was an Accra that I loved but was fit into an original M2 and the new faces just work much better for my miss. I have access to a track man, covered bay into a range with real prov1s or similar tour balls. i’m an active member on other forums and have participated in the review process, on an ongoing basis.
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