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  1. Dan/Roswell GA 115 MPH Callway Mavrik Subzero Mitsubishi CK Pro White X-stiff Have not played Modus but have heard good things
  2. Dan Roswell GA Walk 95% of rounds Rarely but use clicgear when I do. Need to find a better alternative as don’t find that much easier than carrying l.
  3. Dan Roswell/GA Bridgestone Tour B X Think of Top Flite as a budget friendly rock ball. One you grab a sleeve of to play off the tee in a scramble but not much more than that. Very excited to try these new premium balls as finding the best golf ball for my game in $25-35/dozen range is the goal. Thanks for the opportunity!
  4. Dan/Roswell GA No, I havent but in the market for one for the backyard/garage Not yet but will when i get to test this one!
  5. Dan/Roswell GA 11.0 US men’s Adidas codechaos Performance. I am looking to optimize all things so if a shoe can gain more yards and provide unmatched traction or anything else that makes it the best, I will use it bar none.
  6. Dan H/Roswell GA Zelos 8 & stiff 110 MPH w/ driver TT Dynamic Gold s300 tour issue
  7. Dan/Roswell GA YES RH First choice: 3 wood – 14* - MRC Tensei CK Blue 70 gram X-Stiff Second choice: 18* - KBS Tour V-X-Stiff +0.5 GHIN Currently play 22* 4 iron (Srixon z785) and 19 degree hybrid (Taylor made m1)
  8. Dan Roswell GA Callaway GBB Epic Sub Zero +0.3 GHIN 110-112 MPH TSi3
  9. Dan/Roswell GA +0.3 GHIN Cleveland RTX-3 Black Satin 50, 54, 58 Face appeal, lack of glare, general aesthetic, feels like ball grabs face instead of bounces/slides/etc
  10. Dan Roswell, GA Inside on putt-out mat w/ trainer. Use mirrors for stroke path and eye lines. Get on real greens whenever weather allows, Own a putt out mat and trainer and use sporadically. Helped during quarantine but need more variety/engagement/excitement. Fast/championship speed
  11. Dan/Roswell GA/USA Odyssey O-Works 7 Heppler for me. I prefer a firm feel and sound and have always felt that mid market style best for my slight arc style. I need some forgiveness help on impact and love the look of the Heppler. Haven’t rolled a PING since high school and would love to try them again as they look and sound as premium as any on the market.
  12. Dan in Roswell, GA Cleveland RTX-3 50, 54, 58 degree id love to try the 58 degree
  13. 1.5 index Roswell Ga Srixon z785, 155 yds. I know a bit after following them in social media. I appreciate their customer service focus and direct to consumer model. I love the idea of making great equipment more accessible to the general golfing population. Would love to be a tester of the irons and a proponent of the sub 70 model
  14. Dan, Roswell GA No have never used a GPS golf device Nikon rangefinder and walk off yardages with help from yardage book, sprinklers and pin sheets
  15. Dan/Roswell GA How Often do you Practice Putting and How Long? 1-2 times per week for 15-20 minutes per session How many 3 putts do you average per round? About 1 What interests you most about Exputt from what you have seen or read? The ability to get high quality putting feedback at the convenience of your home. I work full time and have 2 young kids so practice time is at a premium. The ability to practice and get better from comfort of my home would be incredible. Putting is the part of my game that would benefit the most from high quality practice and feedback. Would love to help test this awesome looking product.
  16. First Name/City State: Dan/Roswell GA Desired to Test: 440 Swing Speed: 108 MPH
  17. Roswell GA, 1.5 GHIN index Sharpie and line creation plastic ball clip Titleist ProV1 “THINK BIRDIES”
  18. Dan/GA 1.5 GHIN Taylormade M1 17 degree X-stiff Fujikua shaft Trajectory control and flight. Need a par 5 scoring clubs and long par 3 gap filler.
  19. Dan/Georgia Aldila RIP alpha x-stiff 110 MPH Better dispersion is #1. Optimize launch/spin is #2 yes have access to launch monitor for testing
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