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  1. Brandon/Oregon UST/Mamiya Coool 6X 107-110 mph I would like to reduce spin and help with dispersion, I have struggled the past three years with consistency. I do have access to a launch monitor, if needed, either Trackman or Foresight.
  2. Would love to, I am actually heading up to Richland to help with a safety culture assessment in March and then play Wine Valley in Walla Walla, with my father.
  3. How long have you been playing golf? Ive been playing golf my whole life, I grew up a range rat, and my Dad just retired after 40 years as a PGA club pro in Montana. What’s your handicap or normal score? Right now I am a 4. That is upsetting to say because since I was 15 I have been scratch or better. My normal score is difficult to pinpoint, because it ranges from 68-85. I haven’t been able to play much golf the past five years. What do you love about golf? It has always been my release. And lately it has been my only exercise. But mostly I love equipment
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