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    golf, woodworking, surfing, bbqing.
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  1. Christian Oceanside, Ca Currently walk 99% of my rounds I use a several year old Bag Boy model push cart that was given to me by a friend.
  2. Christian Oceanside, Ca Titleist TS2 9.5 (left handed) HZRDUS Smoke 6.5 70g tipped 1/2 inch Handicap 1.3 108-112mph Like to test the TSi2
  3. Christian / Oceanside Ca/ USA Taylormade Spyder Tour I'd love to test the ZB3 because is has my absolute favorite neck of all time. That short neck is impossible to find on any current Left Handed model putters (including Cameron's). The only model I know of with that neck is my old Ping Anser 4, which I still own and gamed back in high school.
  4. 1.3 handicap in Oceanside, Ca (left handed) Current irons Titleist 714MB. 8 iron distance 156-165 yards I know nothing about Sub 70 golf.
  5. Chris Guynn - Oceanside, Ca SkyCaddie SGX and prior models. Several free gps Andriod apps. Bushnell laser rangefinder
  6. Christian Oceanside, California Handcap - 1 Titleist MB714 Test - T200 (i'm left handed, in case that excludes me, which it probably does :) )
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