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  1. I forgot to say that because of the PayPal transaction and their bad exchange rate. I will probably lose$50 in exchange rate even if TourSpecGolf reimburse me fully
  2. I am a big user of Japan made clubs. I change every year and usually buy a set for each of my three clubs and one for traveling. I use MyClubMaker for my Miura irons and several suppliers for my Honma 4 and 5 star woods. I tried TourSpecGolf and they have the worse Customer Service you can get. I ordered a Honma 4 Star 2020 Driver on the 25th of December and sent 5 emails since. I received no reply. I am thinking of opening a case with PayPal. I would recommend ProShopJapan and other Japan based stores. Their site looks good and they claim they have good clubs which they do on their site. I am not about the availability though. One thing I know is that I for one will never buy clubs from them again
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