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  1. Thanks a lot for this incredibly detailed rundown. I'm a first-time father-to-be and we're also looking at buying a new bigger house in the near future. I've managed to convince my wife that putting a simulator into the house will alleviate my urges to go to the range several times a week--therefore, I'm home more often. I'm pretty sure she just loves me, she doesn't actually fall for my sell tactics. My budget promises to be about 1/4 of yours, but you've still laid out a lot of the things to consider (even if I have to do many of them much cheaper). I have a really handy father who can
  2. Hey all, long time lurker here. I've somehow managed to get away without registering and posting anything. Until now. I've been playing golf for roughly 18 years. After dabbling in the mid-90s for the first 12ish years I finally invested time (and money) in equipment and lessons--so last year I was able to get down into the 81-83 range pretty consistently by the end of last summer. Hopefully I'm able to break the elusive 80 barrier this summer. I'm a life-long Ohio resident (have bounced back and forth between Cleveland and Columbus a few times). I'll say that Ohio generally has a lot of good
  3. Travis / Ohio Right now I'm comparing a stiff UST V2 (got fitted for it) and a stiff Ventus Red 5 (curious) 98-103 Improve attack angle and decrease spin. I'd also love to compare it head to head with the Ventus. Yes, I own a Rapsodo MLM and use the Trackman from the range occasionally.
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