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  1. One pair, original Adidas 360s. Don't wear them often, only when weather warrants. Barefoot most of the time.
  2. Vince Richland, Washington 440 please Swing Speed 92
  3. Love finding persimmon at the thrift store. At 2.99 each I'm not going to leave them there.
  4. I belong over there too but I don't post much here or there. As others have said I come to both mostly to read and search for ideas. Right now I am looking for a putting mat. I have found some good deals and bought a few things over there on their classifieds.
  5. Took out my old Ping 1-A for a few rounds earlier. Have to hit it a little harder than my 2-ball but once I got used to it did just fine. I bought it with shop credit after coming in 2nd in a tournament back in 82.
  6. Damn, the Fiberbuilt golf practice station is $269 at Costco now. ★★★★★
  7. Vspin1


  8. Vince/US Index 16.3 G700 145 yds.
  9. Played with Marc, Mike, Quinton, Garcia, Eliason, Gottsch and some others at Blackrock Monday.
  10. If ya played out at West with Arey I'm sure we've seen each other. Bought a 5 yr. membership as soon as Rod got it. Played there all the time while he was still alive. Haven't played out there since the Leon Parnell tourney in 18 and not sure how long before that. Played Pro-ams with Rod, Larry, Marc and Danny as our pros. Man that's a lot of pros to play with from one course. Sean was a year behind me in school.
  11. Thanks, I play Point a bit too. I know a lot of people there and play gangsome once in a while. I get frequent player cards to both and joined both men's clubs. I play in the Wednesday night HERO league at Point. Still have some credit there from pro-ams with Joe quite a few years ago. a b
  12. Been playing golf almost 50 years. My index or whatever they call it now is 16.3, I have been as low as a 9 B.K. (before kids). MyGolfSpy popped up on facebook one day so I hit the story and followed it here. Do I know any Golf Spies, not sure but I'm guessing I might. I live in Richland, Wa. and play most of my golf at Sun Willows in Pasco. Best thing about golf around here is the weather. The worst? I don't know what happened but 5 years ago you could go out at 3 or 4 PM and not have to worry about pace of play or easily getting 27 or more holes in. Its getting tough to do now. I work at a nuclear clean up site for now but I think I'll be probably be playing a lot more golf by spring of 21 if not sooner;) My nickname is just a play off an old nickname I've had for a long time.
  13. Barefoot and happy!

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