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  1. Been carrying a Ping Tisi Tec 7 for years. 180-190 yards. Have a low iron trajectory so it helps a lot. Should be able to find used pretty cheap. Let my 23 yr old hit my Tisi 5 and he had me find him one hit it better than new stuff.
  2. Vince Richland Washington Rarely walk but have older Sun Mountain push cart for when I do.
  3. Vince - Richland, Wa Sadly I don't. I don't have any experience with mats. I am going to buy one real soon. I have narrowed down to Birdieball or Big Moss. I guess I'll wait until after you announce. Medium
  4. Vince Richland, Washington Odyssey 2-ball ZB3, I used to putt a BeCu Zing 2 for a long time and have been thinking of going back to a blade style. It should be firmer and I have a slight arc putting stroke so this should fit. I really liked the look of the BeCu Zing 2 so looking down the neck and color of these look good to me.
  5. One pair, original Adidas 360s. Don't wear them often, only when weather warrants. Barefoot most of the time.
  6. Love finding persimmon at the thrift store. At 2.99 each I'm not going to leave them there.
  7. I belong over there too but I don't post much here or there. As others have said I come to both mostly to read and search for ideas. Right now I am looking for a putting mat. I have found some good deals and bought a few things over there on their classifieds.
  8. Took out my old Ping 1-A for a few rounds earlier. Have to hit it a little harder than my 2-ball but once I got used to it did just fine. I bought it with shop credit after coming in 2nd in a tournament back in 82.
  9. Damn, the Fiberbuilt golf practice station is $269 at Costco now. ★★★★★
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