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  1. Use an old 2-ball, would like to try one of these. Good luck all!
  2. Thanks for the opportunity. You need to change the right or left-hand question to: Do you play right or left-handed? If I answered the question honestly you would think I played left-handed not right.
  3. Used to be one of my strong points, now.......
  4. Damn missed this one, could have used the help.
  5. Have an older Leopold to run it against. Got the Leopold off Craigslist for $200 in Vegas. I was up at the time and decided I was going home with something!
  6. During sign up you are asked what your dominant hand is. Is that really what they want to know or is whether you play left or right handed?
  7. Vince Richland Washington Rarely walk but have older Sun Mountain push cart for when I do.
  8. Vince - Richland, Wa Sadly I don't. I don't have any experience with mats. I am going to buy one real soon. I have narrowed down to Birdieball or Big Moss. I guess I'll wait until after you announce. Medium
  9. Vince Richland, Washington Odyssey 2-ball ZB3, I used to putt a BeCu Zing 2 for a long time and have been thinking of going back to a blade style. It should be firmer and I have a slight arc putting stroke so this should fit. I really liked the look of the BeCu Zing 2 so looking down the neck and color of these look good to me.
  10. One pair, original Adidas 360s. Don't wear them often, only when weather warrants. Barefoot most of the time.
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