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  1. Alex / Lakewood, Ohio / United States Rife 2-Bar Hybrid (Plumber neck), with Super Stroke 3.0 Slim grip (Left hand low in use right now) I like the look of the Tyne 3. Similar construction to what I have now, but instead of the weight being centered in the head, it is place outside of center on the "tynes." Plus I prefer a putter with a line, so any of the mallets with a center line are attractive to me.
  2. Thank you everyone! This has been a great addition to golf this summer, especially with everything that is going on.
  3. Basic yardages on carries of water or bunkers off tees are a very small one time cost for golf courses. Having a solid layout on your website shouldn't be hard, but a lot of courses are really bad at it. If its your first time seeing a course it makes it much more difficult to navigate. I don't need a HD drone flyover and commentary. Just screenshot Google maps and walk the course with a rangefinder and throw it on the site. Its not going to ever need updating. @Tsmithjr9 I do the same thing, especially before something competitive or official. I did it for Portage Country Cub before the NOGA even I played in last Monday because their website doesn't have much. Obviously its private and doesn't get much play from people who don't know the course, but still. Or charge me for the yardage book. I think it is under $5 for the yardage book at Scarlet and Gray in Columbus, but its so worthwhile. Sorry everyone, I hijacked the thread. Back to regularly scheduled programming.
  4. I'll make sure to call ahead to the owners of these two and make sure they take all their glassware inside before our tee time.
  5. Does anyone want to get out and play this Saturday (Aug. 22) morning? Don't have a destination yet, open to suggestions.
  6. I am in for Saturday, Sept. 12. I wouldn't be able to make it for the rain date of Sunday the 13th though. Thanks again for having us out!
  7. 1.) Alex, Cleveland, Ohio 2.) Vokey 52*, F Grind (2 years, ~40 rounds old) 3.) 52*
  8. 7.8. Cleveland, Ohio. Taylormade rac LT irons. 8-Iron distance is 155. I know that Jason over at Sub70 is trying to change the club purchasing game. I have gone through the measuring process on their website and considered a lot of their clubs recently. I love the look of the black irons and the simplicity of being able to customize it to fit you, both size and aesthetically. The combo sets seem like they would be really helpful. I have heard nothing but good things about Sub70 and their communication and willingness to do whatever necessary to get you the clubs that properly fit YOU.
  9. Alright, I received a reply from the form I submitted. 1.) Price. $200 minimum to start with a 2 week trial, then $250 a month to continue. 2.) You get one long meeting and then a 2 week practice plan with the trial. Then if you continue going it turns into ongoing emails and texts between you and the creators. 3.) 2 weeks, then it is monthly. Personally, this is too pricey for me. If I had known what it was going in I probably wouldn't have spent the 20 minutes or so filling out the form. $250 around what I spend monthly in greens fees, and that just feels like too much for non in person lessons. I am sure I could find a package at a course somewhere near me to get a lesson every other week during the summer with a pro in person for less than the $1,000 that this costs for 4 months. I'm sure this is going to be helpful to someone, maybe who doesn't have great lessons available, but not for me. Here are the breakdowns of the 2 price points.
  10. Reaching out to the forum to see if I can gather people's thoughts on this. I had never heard of golfblueprint.com until today and was going through the form they have you to fill out, and I thought of MGS and wondered if anyone had done it. I didn't see anything when I searched for it. I think this seems like some kind of lessons or instruction through the internet. I am not sure of the price or what it entails, but I am going to try it out and see where it leads. 1.) Price 2.) What you get. Videos, documents, drills, etc. 3.) How long it lasts? Is it ongoing or a defined length of time. 4.) Anything else I can think of. I submitted my form response as I also submit this, so I will report out on response times and any other info I can for my fellow Spies.
  11. I think that is a good date for me too. It will be great to get out to the CIC and see the kind of life @[email protected] is living. Any dogleg corners available to cut on this course?
  12. Alex Williams. Cleveland, Ohio I have not used a watch or other GPS. I use a non-slope edition Bushnell V3 and sprinkler heads. I would love knowing distances to the front and back of the green though. Tough without a yardage book.
  13. I had always played the Golf Pride MCC in assorted colors. This year I had switched to the CP2 Pro and I really didn't like them after about 12 rounds. So I went to Golf Pride's website, since I didn't want to get swindled ( @txgolfjunkie), and picked up some of the new Team Color grips. All black MCCs for the wedges, Red/White for short/mid irons, and Blue/White for long irons. It feels good to be back into a firmer, cord grip. The CP2 Pro seemed too mushy and slick in my hands if it was warm at all outside.
  14. Alex Williams / Cleveland, Ohio Probably 30 minutes a week in the summer. Try to go to ranges with putting greens or short game areas. Winter is harder, I do have a putting mat for indoors. 2. Sometimes more though as I know that exceptionally long putts that end on a downslope tend to run away from me especially badly. Gotta stay below the hole. How consistent my stoke is or is not. Find out what I actually do, and then I can focus on what to improve. Having something like this for the winter instead of hitting into a net or putting on a mat would be advantageous as well.
  15. I have been wearing my pair of these for maybe 13-14 rounds and 8ish range sessions. They at least 2 rounds walking to break all the way in, some heel blisters, then they were good. However, at the end of my last round, I realized two thing. 1.) One of the shoelace grommets came out of the plastic stripe. I was able to get it back in, but there is no back piece so it won't stay for long. Leading me to believe it broke during a round and flew off or never existed. 2.) I have also encountered a phenomena that I have never come across with golf shoes. I wore a hole in my left big toe of my sock. I will keep the image to myself, since I doubt anyone wants to see it. But I can assure you that these socks have been worn less than 20 times, as I only wear them for golf (they are FJ with an American flag on the heel). These socks are actually thicker than a normal sock for more cushion, which I like, but also why I was so surprised when I wore a hole through them. I do not wear holes through socks, I will get rid of them if I ever get close. Overall it is a very stable and well fitting shoe, but I am considering sending an email to adidas to see what they think about the grommet and hole creation. I bought these this spring at the golf show in Cleveland so they are not old shoes. Considering adding a pair of FJ Pro SLs because my family all wears them and they swear by them.
  16. Had a ton of fun out on the course with the guys. Pine Hills is great and so was meeting everyone. Putting was tough for me today, but fortunately I only had to do it 17 times. #3 was the shorter dogleg with trees guarding the green, unless you skim the top of them with a hybrid. Thank you @MattF for putting this together. Can't wait to get out to CIC with @[email protected] And please excuse the blurriness, I was trying to get out of the way quickly so my playing partners weren't waiting on me to clear out.
  17. Fortunately if you wait til about 6:30 or 7pm to go off last with no one behind you its really easy to hit like 4 tee shots. Giving 4 putts at a time at it. This can be done.
  18. This course is a BEAR to walk. Lots of distance between holes and elevation that isn't really noticed on shots, because of carries, but is noticed when walking. I'm going to ride, personally, even though I do prefer to walk normally. This is one of the few courses I play regularly that I ride.
  19. I wish this was something I could partake in. But I honestly don't play the same course more than 3-5 times a year. Maybe in the future if I ever end up getting a membership somewhere. I suppose the 9 hole executive course could be doable. Some tricky wedges into really firm greens are hard to get it close.
  20. Very interested to hear about these outcomes. Always looking for something new in the hybrid game. It seems to be the most diverse sector of clubs.
  21. What is your preference? Gas carts are generally faster, but much louder and jerky. Electric slower, but quieter and smoother. I personally like electric more, but since I like walking more than riding I don't mind slower/quieter. Sidenote, will EZ-GO ever get to the point of speakers in the cart? Some of the newer carts have USB chargers and maybe a small cooler on the side, but nearly every cart I am around has a bluetooth speaker playing yacht rock.
  22. Will do. Unfortunately softball in Cleveland still does not have the ok to play yet, so no games coming up. Gone to the cages a few times though and it is getting easier.
  23. This is something I have pondered for the 7 years I have played softball and golf together. I think the biggest impact is definitely the one night a week being taken from golf for softball. However the swing impacts is something I always thought about. I have done something for a couple years as a joke, and I am going to commit to it this year. Hitting left handed in softball. I took the leap after hearing Tron Carter from NoLayingUp is going to golf lefty for a year. I think it will reduce overswing in softball and also its a step closer to first. Golf impact is still TBD.
  24. You could take a look at Utry.com. There you can get one sent to you for a couple weeks for $25, and if you like it the $25 is applied to the price of sale. I haven't personally used this service, but I might be trying it out in the future.
  25. Welcome to the forum Jack. I hear you on the weather (same deal in Ohio, though not as extreme). Youtube is definitely a great source of golf content alternative to Golf Channel. I think golf lends itself better to an array of video content more than any other sports. Course videos/flyovers, MyGolfSpy itself, or any other media outlet are all great to dip into during poor weather.
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