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  1. This is my attempt at recreating the SuperSpeed clubs. I'm pretty happy with the result actually. $45 .00 for the shafts $17.20 for the grips $16.50 for the shaft adapters $20.00 approx. for the various washers I used to match the overall weights. Roughly AUD$100 all up. So, probably around USD$3.50 if you're not subject to the "Australia tax" . The actual SuperSpeed clubs are $329.95 on Amazon AU.
  2. You won't find clubs matching the weight of these. The lightest one is much lighter than a regular club, and the heaviest one is somewhat heavier than a regular club. It's more about the club length and swing weight than the overall weight or anything else I reckon.
  3. Does anyone know the swing weights of the actual SuperSpeed clubs?
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