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  1. Jay/Joshua, Texas/USA Odyssey 2 Ball DFX KETCH because I am a square to square putter and have grown accustomed to long line alignment aid.
  2. Jay/ Joshua TX currently gaming Mizuno S18’s 50*,56*,60* I would probably choose a 48* or 52* in the Cleveland.
  3. ON THE BENCH: Going to remove scratches and dings. Already gave it a good shine, but will probably do it a 2nd time. Cut new grooves, and paint fill text and the first groove.
  4. I used a bench belt sander with an 80/150/320 belt. Then an unstitched buffing wheel. Then I cut new grooves.
  5. Had a little free time(couldn’t sleep), so I decided to try an experiment. Since that trackman session, I have been disturbed about the 16* launch angle from an 8.5* driver. I have always had a 3*-5* upward swing with my driver...ALWAYS, but I’ve also always had only slightly higher launch angle than the loft of my driver face(7.5* driver-9.5* launch etc.). This told me that the shaft I was using in this driver was too soft. The shaft is an ALDILA RIP ALPHA 60 Stiff, so it’s a really good shaft, and I didn’t want to just chunk it. So I pulled the shaft and tipped it 1”, and reinstalled it. I also added 1/2 a swing weight of lead tape on the sole, but right up front as close to the face as I could. Those two things “SHOULD” bring the launch down. But by how much, I don’t know. More to come.
  6. ON THE BENCH: Cleveland 458 60* wedge. Removed dings and dents, and recut grooves to be post 2010 compliant.
  7. Don’t I need to raise my CG to lower my flight? ”For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction...”
  8. I need to bring my launch down by 2 degrees at least.
  9. So I sent Bridgestone an email about my low carry/total yardages for my swing speed, and I got a response back. I can do a little better with my smash factor, but not just a ton. Looks like a new shaft is in order. Or a different ball? Backstory: I gave up the game 13 years ago, and when I was playing I had a lower ball flight, and always wanted a higher flight. Fast forward 13 years and I start the game again with what feels like the same swing, and now I have a noticeably higher flight. Same swing, same clubs, same balls. I did the Bridgestone ball fitting and got back their recommendation along with the pertinent data. My carry/total yardages seemed a little low for my calculated swing speed, so I sent them an email asking if it seemed off to them. This was their reply.
  10. Those Staff RM’s are criminally underrated.
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