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  1. Bill Asbury Park, NJ PXG 0811 X 5.8 index 105 mph TSi3
  2. Bill - Asbury Park, NJ Handicap - 6.3 Playing Honma TR20V
  3. Bill Handerhan - Asbury Park, NJ I currently use the SX500 which I purchased through the special offer on MyGolfSpy, bur I have user sky caddie since 2011 i also carry a Bushnell rangefinder
  4. Right Handed Bill Asbury Park, NJ I would like to test the 460 Swing Speed 105
  5. I just got the Honma TR20 V irons 4-10 and they are sweet. Took the plunge because they gave 25% off after donating to a support the pro charity they were part of. Well crafted and never had Nippon shafts before in any previous clubs. Nice flight. Lofts are good. Not too strong but enough to keep up.
  6. I love my Queen B. I have the limited run with the copper insert from 2 years ago. Also have the Studio Stock 28 Slotback. I would give it a go. It will hold its value.
  7. So I must be in a stuck at home golf equipment buying frenzy. I just bought a set of Titleist AP3 irons 4-GW. I know these didn't test well in the Player's Distance category, but they look darn good and I have never owned Titleist irons. Price was right. Doing my part to keep the economy chugging along. Golf courses open tomorrow in NJ!!
  8. I didn't hit it or get fitted prior to buying but PXG reduced the price from $595 to $295 through April so I took a chance. They do have a phone fitting available. I knew I wanted the heavier 73g shaft and I decided to go 10.5 degree as I usually always go 9.0 and I wanted to do something different. I am also going to play around with the weights as well once I can hit it
  9. Just put the PXG 0811 X driver ITB. 10.5 Fulikura Pro 2.0 7-S stiff. Of course I'm in NJ and EVERYTHING is shut but it makes me feel better having it. Wish I could put up more pics. Really nice head cover and box too.
  10. I have really been enjoying all the information put out by MyGolf Spy for about a year. One of my buddies in my golf group turned me on to the site initially with the ball cutting and testing. I love the No Putts Given podcast as well and felt the next natural step would be to get more involves in the forum. Looking forward to getting tons of information and opinions from all the Spies!
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