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  1. Hi, I am a Donor and I have broken 80 multiple times, I have one hole in one and several albatrosses...woohoo!
  2. I have a "newbie" question, what does the "Broke 80" mean? Scored in the 70's? or more than 80 total posts? Just curious. LOL You can take credit for me Donating to the site after I saw your DONOR tag. Only fair to help the cause as a site user.
  3. Yes. I went there fully expecting to get the MP 20 MMCs, but I hit the MP 20s better. The only problem is that I am eager to get them and am playing a Member Member this weekend with visions of the new MP 20s that will be a couple weeks or so arriving...LOL. Mizuno just reopened last week, so they are catching up on orders.
  4. I just had an iron fitting yesterday at Mulligan's in the Richmond VA area. I have been playing MP 57s for about 13-14 years. I was looking at the new MP 20 lineup. We started with the Mizuno optimizer, which recommended a couple shafts over the one I am currently gaming. We tried the MP 20 MMC first and then the MP 20. After trying about a half dozen shafts, we were able to identify a shaft that had a nice tighter dispersion pattern that felt really good. We were outside, so it was nice to see the flight on both good and poor strikes. The ability to try different length shafts was cool,
  5. I went for a club fitting (my irons are 14 years old) yesterday, the Trackman readings showed me losing 20 MPH of ball speed vs. expected ball speed using swing speed, smash factor, etc. We are going to retest it in a couple weeks and try it against one of the test heads. I'll report back then.
  6. Great! I look forward to it. I enjoy getting to play with new folks who enjoy the game.
  7. I had the face crack on a G400 LST. I "luvvvvved" that driver. Ping replaced it with a new G410 LST (great customer service!). I am still trying to get it dialed in, but it looks promising. The distance seems comparable or even a little better at times, but I feel like I have to swing more aggressive to get the results that I was getting from my G400 LST. I feel like the MOI is lower, as I hit this head higher, but that could just be in my head. LOL It is probably all about confidence.
  8. Clubhouse was completed last year. The food is good! You are welcome to join me as my guest, just let me know!
  9. I switched to 44.5" last spring and picked up distance and tighter dispersion.
  10. Hi, at 57 with three boys under the age of 6, I am all in on strength and conditioning for golf and life. Did you do the TPI Certification? I am working to get my trainer to get certified. I was in an accident a couple years ago that knocked my L4-L5 out of wack, so we do a 30 minute stretching routine after workouts to help maintain mobility, etc.
  11. Hey Sixcat, RE: VA Areas: LOL So true. I lived in Appomattox for a couple years, so I understand the sentiment. Hit them well!
  12. Hi Everyone, I play in a group that gets the opportunity to play multiple courses in and around Central Virginia. It might be cool to post course condition updates to share with each other. IE: Piankatank River Golf Club Hartfield VA Played 5-7-2020 Course is in good condition. Fairways aren't all the way in yet due to cool temps and extra rain. Greens are healthy but were slower (6-8 estimated stimp). Staff is super friendly and helpful, especially in light of the current Covid Conditions. Range grass is in good shape. The putting practice green is healthy, just a
  13. Most of the courses in Central VA are open. Some of the courses in Northern VA are closed....go figure? I am a member at Viniterra and it has been packed 7 days a week since this started. They do a great job of having wipes, etc. available and order out food and adhering to the governor's directives. I'm just glad courses are open.
  14. I’ll give them a try and compare. Thanks.
  15. How do they compare to ProV1 or Snell MTB Black?
  16. Gman24

    Shorter Shafts??

    I cut my driver down to 44.5" and picked up some distance and more consistency. A couple of friends did the same (I have Mitchell equipment in my basement..LOL) and shaved strokes of their handicap. I recommend it to most folks.
  17. Piankatank River Golf Club Hi, I played Piankatank on May 7, 2020 and really enjoy the course. Even with the Covid restrictions, the staff was kind and helpful. The driving range has plenty room and the putting practice green is uniquely designed with layers and lots of putting options. The practice green was a little "shaggy" but very healthy. It is also very easily accessible which is very nice. The course opens with a uniquely shaped dogleg left par 4. Six of the holes have potential water hazards in play. The greens are smaller and were playing fairly slow. The front nine
  18. Hi, Where would I post a "course" review? Central Virginia area. Thanks!
  19. How is the feel? I play an X Stiff, but would like a smoother feel.
  20. Bionic Stable Grip 3X. I have larger hands and the Bionic seems to help me keep a "looser" grip and they are durable. I have been using them for over 10 years. Any tips for summer play? I found a dry hand application, Clark Dry Grip, that really helps keep my hands (and glove) dry. Yes, I sweat a lot, LOL. I also use a large carabiner clip on the cart to hang a glove and switch between holes if it is a hot and humid day to help keep my gloves dry.
  21. Thanks! I am slowly getting used to it. Ping's drivers are really good. What shaft are you using? I am currently gaming a Tour AD DI 6x as that is what I was using in the G400.
  22. I really like it. It plays longer than the card due to slope and little roll out. The greens are in good condition now. Just waiting for some warm weather to get the fairways lush. Let me know, and maybe you can play with me as a guest some time.
  23. I have been using a Whitlam Joseph Flag Series SS303 for the past 10 years. Has anyone used Whitlam putters and moved to Scotty Cameron and if so what did you like or dislike? Same question with Evnroll. Thanks!!
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