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  1. Can't beat the price for performance. I usually save all my number 3 balls and give them to other people randomly to help support spreading the word for Snell.
  2. My G400 LST cracked and Ping replaced it with the G410 LST. It definitely swings and feels different than my G400 LST. Anyone else made the change? What was your experience?
  3. I play Snell MTB Black. They feel great off the driver, they don't over spin on my iron shots and I really like how they feel off the putter. If I am playing a Captain's Choice, I will use the MTB X for a few more yards, more shot shaping with irons, I just have to be aware of spin on the greens.
  4. I have my driver set at 7.5 degrees, so I have to have an ascending swing. I just put a little extra weight on my back leg and really focus on a relaxed swing through the ball with a 7am contact point to help with a small draw. If I start in out to in path, I will hit a session using a small taped box sitting just outside my intended path. If I start hitting down, I will press my left (lead) hip a little forward to help my head stay behind the ball. Of course, everyone has their own swing "DNA". Does anyone else have this challenge? When I am really striking my irons really wel
  5. I have a Sky Caddie Touch and a Busnell Tour4. The SkyCaddie is really handy when I am playing cart path only so I know which clubs to carry onto the course. Having the range finder is really nice on a new course of if the green view is obscured as I can quickly figure out the pin position in relation to the front and back. I was given the SkyCaddie and originally thought it was overkill, but I really like having it on new courses. It is nice for blind carries and cutting dog legs. Plus it helps when a battery dies...LOL.
  6. I have the SuperSpeed set. It definitely increases swing speed. I have to take care to make sure I am releasing properly, as my speed training can result in holding the face open if a go too long without playing. I typically incorporate the swing speed training into my gym time (my location affords me that opportunity. I also add ball tosses once per week and 30 minutes of assisted and intense stretching at least three times per week. These really help with balance and swing speed. I recommend the SuperSpeed training.
  7. Hi, I started playing golf in 2006 at 43 years old. My handicap tends to range from 6-9 (higher in the winter..LOL). I worked at a course in New Kent VA back in the 70's and always thought the game was interesting, but didn't pursue it as an adult. In my 40's my business interests coincided with golf and I was quickly hooked on playing and not embarrassing myself. I really enjoy the self challenge to learn and adapt to my own swing, my body, the course I am playing and the environment. It is a unique blend of focus and peace for me and golf has helped me with some of my best bu
  8. I am currently playing MP 57s that are about 12 years old. I am getting trying out the new MP 20 MMCs in a session this Monday the 11th. Any suggestions on trying mixed set? Has anyone made the change from MP 57 to MP 20 MMC?
  9. I was playing the Ping G400 LST and "loved" it. The face cracked and Ping (great customer service) replaced it for free with a Ping G410 LST. I was really struggling with consistency with the new head and tried the "Flat" setting and that seemed to make a change for the better. Now I have my mini draw that I had on the G400 LST. Keep trying the settings for what works best.
  10. Gratton: Virginia (New Kent) Tour AD DI 6X with a PING G410 LST Approximately 114 Possibly better feel. Tour AD was great in the PING G400 LST, but that driver cracked and was replaced with the 410 (great CS by Ping) and it doesn't feel the same. I have a personal LM.
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