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  1. Off the rack, it sat at SW- F7. But I hated the slim Winn grip, so I immediately had it replaced by a Lamkin Jumbo, it brought the SW down to where I couldn't feel the head. I got the optional weight kit (I hadn't left the store) and switched the 2x12 gr weights to 2x20 gr and brought the SW back up to F4. The head is now at 386 gr, I love it that way. I was trying/comparing Titleist California Del Mar and Studio Select Kombi when I noticed the Ping sitting in the wrong section.
  2. Bought my Ping Craz-E, iWi series, in 2011. Still in the bag and has no competition in sight.
  3. Montreal Suburb, Qc, Canada Sunmountain C-130 and H2NO, Using a modified Columbia cooler that I attach to my Sunmountain V1 pushcart. Rarely ride. Should hold 2 X 1 L bottles of juice. My cooler holds 2 X 1 L of square Garden Cocktail type perfectly. 14 full length dividers, good decent storage. Waterproofing/resistant is a plus, not a must. Not eligible outside US, I know. But this is what I have and look for in a Golf Bag.
  4. PRO: WRX has a top notch, heavy duty Rules & Etiquette thread/forum What brings me here? Got bored with the rest of it.
  5. LOL, Welcome to the MGS Forum (2016)? Why LOL, you ask? It brings me back to when I joined another Forum, and I shared a long and thought out response to a thread that was already 3 years old...And obviously asleep. If you look at the date in the last reply, you will see 2012, 4 years before you came on board. Back then, I bought a Ping Craz-E, IWI Series putter. But I hated the smallish stock WINN grip. Before I replaced it with a LAMKIN Jumbo, I checked the swing weight. It stood at F7. With a much heavier grip, I could'nt feel the head anymore. I bought the optional weight kit, and changed the stock 2 X 12 gr inserts to the 2 X 20 gr. I played around with different combinations of interchangable inserts, but I did not like the feel. It's still in my bag and not going anywhere anytime soon.
  6. Copy/Paste of IMHO, the best line of Putters, Ping has ever created. Light years ahead of it's time. The discontinued Ping IWI Series. The weight kit comes with 2 X 20 gr and 2 X 28 gr Tungsten weights. The Putter is fitted with 2 X 12 gr weights. On FleaBay, scammers sell kits of 4 X 12 gr inserts, for a small fortune. I cherish my Ping, IWI Series, Craz-E Putter, with the (proper) weight kit.
  7. Two weeks ago, I couldn't see the grass in my backyard. Everything is closed and it will stay that way for a while, I'm affraid. Putting in my carpeted basement. Use my Dr Warren's Swing Fan outside. Can't use the wedges, the grass is too wet and muddy. Bought a bike at Costco last week, it's a Northrock hybrid CTM. It comes with quick release front and rear wheels and seat post. I thief proofed it. It seems that I will be cycling for a while.
  8. That I believe...Been there, seen it. LOL
  9. Been here only a few days. Been somewhere else since 2008 until a member there suggested MGS, if I wanted to talk Golf and R-E-L-A-X while I'm at it. I have a rare health condition... I am allergic to hypocrisy. I get a kick out of people bragging, I actually envy what I call "the better people", (without malice) but I have an aversion to Sneaky Two Faced. Thank you BIGSTU Glad to see you here Tolmij
  10. When I bought my first computer, I had also caught the Chronic Golf Bug, and winter was around the corner. I found a Golf Forum on line and they asked for a screen name. It caught me by surprise and started looking around while thinking. I bought my comp. from MDG Electronics. That was the easy part. The empty boxes were still laying around the basement. I didn't want to give the impression that I am a boxer since I'd been into Karate most of my life. (mdgboxes) I also didn't want to be a smarta$$ by adding 3 X, so I added two. There you have it: mdgboxx
  11. Been somewhere else since 2008, until a member on there pointed me in this direction. Happy to be here Happy Birthday MSG
  12. And THAT, right there, is the beauty of playing a different kind of Golf. The secret is to never use your wedge. It's much safer to punch an 8 iron or more. Think of it more like bowling...Especially par 3s Bouncing off a frozen water hazard is a classic. A no-insert putter is also the ultimate tool. I would also keep 4 balls in my inside pocket and rotate on every hole. Dunlop SoLo and Precept Lady were the best. I contacted PING about sub-zero temps, and here is what they replied: If you ever loose a Fine Tuning Insert in your PING club, for whatever reason, we will replace it (FTI) at no cost to you whatsoever. I was playing S-58 irons at the time. My winter driver was a Srixon W-506 and the Srixon FWs are still in the bag to this day.
  13. At the *International 2000* they would close after the first "permanent" snowfall, which is around mid/late December and then, in mid March, they will bring a snowblower for the fairways and a plow for the greens. The course is frozen solid, so, no damage.
  14. To those who asked how or why, I would reply: "It's a different kind of Golf" Aside from being a lunatic, what else could I answer?
  15. I have played in -4 F temps with 10-15 mph wind gusts. I live on the Montreal South-Shore. I was a member at the International 2000 GC, in Lacolle, Qc. It prides itself of being the first to open and the last to close in Quebec. It is located 3 miles from the Champlain US border crossing. In 2007, I played my last 36 holes on Jan. 7th, 2008. I was back on the course on March 16....I was 62 yrs/o at the time.
  16. LOL, I have seen close to 60 on a 9 hole course. I have seen a legit 67 when I caddied for our club pro in a tournament. I have never been lower than 8 hdc.
  17. I have a HiO to my credit. I like saying: If it wasn't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all If it wasn't for TV, I'd never see a score of 60.
  18. Put lipstick on a Pig---It's still a Pig

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