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  1. With the exception of Mike Malaska I tend to agree. It's easy to get a good laugh at most YouTube"instructors".
  2. Hey all! I was hoping to get a little feedback on the need/benefit of a few lessons for someone that has never had a formal lesson, but is still a decent golfer. I probably average 15-18 rounds a year, with a decent number of those rounds in the mid to low 80s, but I have never broken 80. I play with a buddy pretty often who is a 2-3 handicap, so he has been able to give me some tips over the last few years that have brought my scores down about 6-7 strokes on average. For me, consistency seems to be key since I don't play a ton and practice maybe 5-6 times a year. So my question is, are there any folks out there who play/practice a similar amount and have received lessons? In your experience are lessons going to provide much benefit for someone who isn't grinding on a regular basis? I feel confident I could shoot in the 70s now without any swing tweaks... Just more time on the course and at the range, but I'm trying to get a feel for if my scores can come down with some swing tweaks even if I don't get to play or practice anymore than I do now. Thanks in advance for the feedback!
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