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  1. I think it's important to note what Bryson did to himself to put himself in this position. The dude packed on, I think, 40+ pounds in hopes of what could be. Bryson saw the advantages, took a risk, and it ultimately paid off. Additionally, how about his choice of one-length irons and putter with more loft than his driver. When push comes to shove, I think this will boil down to being an overaction by most. The same think happened after the rocket mortgage. The dude is jacked, swings hard, hits it straight, and makes putts. I'm perfectly fine with someone winning with that formula.
  2. I have a few: Taylormade RAC TP CB/MB combos Titliest 975F Adams CMB's
  3. 4.8 handicap, Chicago, IL Instagram @chris_tow-fur Twitter @ChristopherFa_ 20-30 rounds. Current bag has Taylormade, Titleist, Cobra, and Directed Force clubs. Dream Bag: Cobra Speedzone Driver White, 45 Inches - Ventus Blue 6X Cobra Speedzone Fairway White - 3 and 5 Wood - Ventus Blue 6X King Black Utility Iron - 3 Iron Adila NV Green 2KXV 85 - XStiff Cobra Forged Tec Irons 4-PW 1 Degree soft on lofts, plus 3/4 inch - Modus 120 X Cobra King MIM Wedges 53* and 58* - Modus 120 X Thanks for the opportunity!
  4. No pics, but picked up a bunch of new stuff in anticipation for the season. Directed Force 2.1 putter TS2 FW 13.5* ventus blue 6x 2x SM8 19* M3 Tour AD TP6X LETS GOOO
  5. This is tough because course conditions and weather matter so much to this topic, and it almost makes it a bit too subjective. But, I'll play along and add a few: Hardest course (Perfect conditions): Victoria National or Butler National (Windy): Portmarnock (Ireland) or Whistling Straights
  6. 1. St. Andrews Links - Old Course 2. Muirfield Village 3. Carnoustie 4. Ballybunion 5. Bandon, Pacific, Old Mac, Trails 6. Whistling Straights 7. Somerset Hills 8. TPC Sawgrass 9. Shawdow Creek 10. Victoria National Runners-up: Sand Valley, Mammouth Dunes, Lawsonia, Pablo Creek, Skokie CC
  7. https://youtu.be/6iU7-0UKeGQ The link above will bring you a fly-over of the 16th hole at Kemper Lakes Golf Club. The 16th hole is a beast. Full stop. Measuring 470 from the tips, bunkers left, water all down the right and short of the green, bunkers long, and a small green with severe slopes, it's everything you can handle in a golf hole. Oh, and it plays slightly uphill. If you play the tips, you tee off on a small peninsula of tee on the water. It's probably about 175-200 to reach the fairway, which I will say looks quite narrow from back there. If you don't hit the fairway, it is now a three shot hole. If you happen to stripe one out there, most players playing the tips will have about 180-220 left. The second shot is just as intimidating as the tee shot if you're familiar with the hole. Why? Not because the green is protected by water short and right, but because if you miss long, you have a flop shot out of gnarly rough or a down-sloping shot out of a bunker onto a green sloping away from you. If you manage to hit the green, great, I hope your below the pin. Now I'm ready for the golf season.
  8. I've had this same issue going on about five years now. And, things were finally turning the corner this winter after I joined Five Iron Golf, and then quarantine. I was getting trackman number 3-4 times a week, which were giving me so much confidence and insight into my swing. So, my advice would be to get to a simulator that gives you swing data and see where your driver swing data is. I figured out that my attack angle was waaaaay to steep. That helped correct a little too much out-to-in, which then lead to a more stable face angle. Now, let me be clear and say I don't think trackman is a perfect swap for the course, but I do think it can give you knowledge out on the course if things go awry.
  9. Changed up my bag this year in anticipation of a successful golf season. Then a sciatica issue got me, and next was quarantine. Here's to everyone's health and a golf season season sooner rather than later! Driver: Cobra Speedzone Xtreme 10.5* - Fuji Ventus Blue 6X FW: 3-Wood: Titleist TS2 13.5(14.25*) - Fuji Ventus Blue 6X 5-Wood: Taylormade M3 19* - GD Tour AD TP6x 3 Iron: Adams cmb - KBS C-Taper 120x (Replacing ASAP) 4-PW: Taylormade P760's - Modus 120X Wedges: Vokey SM8 52*(Bent to 53*) and 58* Putter: L.A.B. Putters 2.1 Directed Force
  10. Federalist88


  11. First Name/State: Chris - Illinois Current Driver Shaft: Ventus Blue 6x Current Driver Swing Speed: 115-120 What if anything would you like to improve in regards to your driver shaft..such as more or less spin, better dispersion, more distance..etc.: Slightly more launch and a bit less spin. Do you have regular access to a Launch Monitor--Not required, but would be helpful in testing.: Yes, Trackman. Thanks, Chris
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