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  1. It was 6k, including removal, sub layer and installation. I've had one installed in Phoenix as well and it was less expensive per sf than here in Oregon. This green is about 575sf.
  2. Had this installed two weeks ago. Just in time for quarantine!
  3. Gloves. Synthetic, leather, rain gloves and no gloves on all shots. Does it effect distance? Dispersion? Distance control? Putting? Are certain shot shapes more effected than others? I've always taken my glove off to putt and sometimes chip, but there's no specific guideline. I'd love to know if it makes any tangible difference.
  4. Bought a dozen 2020 Bridgestone BX golf balls. The range was pretty empty and our performance center didn't have anyone in it, so I went in and hit 12 drivers with the BX and 12 with ProV1x. Taking out the longest and shortest (median 10) the BX was 2.1mph faster ball speed and had about 5% less spin. It ended up being 287 carry for the BX vs 283.5 carry for the ProV1x, but because of the less spin the total distance on the trackman went up over 9 yards with the BX. Obviously a small sample size, but I'll do it again later this week and see if I get similar results. Cheers!
  5. I was fit today for a new Titleist U510 - 4 90gram x smoke. During the fitting (on a trackman) I hit my Mizuno mp15 5, 4 and 3 iron to identify gaps. I came in because I FELT like I hit my 4 and 3 iron the same distance. As it turned out, my 4 iron averaged 197y carry with a 1.44 smash factor and a landing angle of 42 degrees. My 3 iron was longer, but averaged about 204y carry, but on a 1.37 smash factor and most importantly a 38.5 degree landing angle. If we took out the poorly struck shots and only included 1.4+ smash factor, my three iron WAS longer with a 209y average carry and landing angle of 40.5. However, when I hit the 510u 4 iron my average distance was 216 with a landing angle of 44 degrees. My dispersion was tighter, the ball flew higher and my distance was much more consistent. I very much preferred the look and feel of the 500u (smaller profile), but look and feel don't win golf tournaments, results do and the 510 had better results, bottom line. When it gets in I'll post pictures, but thought the process was post worthy. If you are looking for a long iron replacement, I would definitely give these a look.
  6. I played in the Oregon AM last year at Portland, on the second day of match play the pin was in the middle of the green on 6 and the guy I was playing hit it about 7' long. He missed it on the right edge barely moving and it rolled off the front edge. I absolutely love that course, but that's just brutal. I've watched people 4 putt #3 at Waverly multiple times too.
  7. I actually used to be a golf professional at Arrowhead quite awhile ago. It's a hidden gem. Especially in the summer, our greens at WVCC are pretty good. The biggest thing is they're all fair. Clubs like Waverly and Portland have great greens, but they're still original designs from back when a 7 on the meter was fast. At 11 or 12 they're almost unplayable at times.
  8. Tyson Portland, OR Tensei White CK TX 118. Less spin and greater carry. Trackman available at my club.
  9. New here, but have to show off my new toy. Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero - Mitsubishi Tensei CK White TX at 45". I hit multiple drivers and while this one feels like a wood baseball bat when I hit it, I couldn't argue with the numbers. I hit the Mavrik with the same shaft and at 200 balls each over two days (10/10/10) I averaged 1.9mph higher ball speed with the flash than the Mavrik. I think it's because my miss is more on the heel than the toe. Misses on the toe of the Mavrik were longer, while misses on the heel were longer on the flash.
  10. We do! It's a really good track. Have you been up to play WVCC?
  11. Good evening. I'm 38 and I've been playing golf for as long as I can remember. Started hitting whiffle balls in the back yard and never stopped. What I love most is the smell of a golf course on a late summer afternoon and the feeling of striping a long iron. I don't believe I know any other Spies. No Putts Given is what brought me here. I'm hooked. I live in Oregon City and belong to Willamette Valley Country Club. We have reciprocal at Rainier and Sandpoint in Seattle, I would love to find a couple people to play with when I travel up that way for business. The best thing about golf in Oregon is absolutely the summers. I've played golf all over the country, nothing compares. I own a packaging supply company and I'm willing to trade rounds of golf at my club for anyone who wants to buy boxes, tape, stretch wrap or any other packaging supplies. No shame here, small business is hard, I'll take it anyway I can get it! My wife used to call me casanova when I'd put on the moves and eventually it turned into Tysonova (my first name is Tyson). Excited to meet some of you!
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