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  1. Joe Bel Air, Maryland 9.5 hcp Currently rogue x irons T200 thanks joe
  2. So the last 2 rounds I’ve tested something with pretty interesting results. I am a 9.8 hcp currently with the worst part of my game is iron play. My irons are custom fit to me with full fitting jpx 919 hot metal 5-G. last 2 rds out of the 18 holes I would play 2 balls for the back 9 with my irons vs my senior buddies which in no way should fit me. Graphite reg shaft rogue X, also for his ball I would only use his 5 iron off the tee no driver. And his irons for each round was 4 shots better then mine. And the shot difference worked out perfectly as they were all due to greens in regulation
  3. Seeing what you guys think about putter technology from grooves i.e Evnroll or true roll grooves, direct force putters, new/old trussel etc.... I understand the forgiveness with high moi but with such a small stroke at such a slow stroke speed do these technologies work at all. Curious what ppl think on this
  4. So looking to see if anyone has compared these putters, they are pretty much same category in face balanced high moi putters. Currently tested the bb56 33 inch, I fell it aligns slightly closed and feels odd, cheapish. But definitely easy to hit and mishits don’t punish you. I hit my lines and the putter has been working well The phantom x 12 fells nice and super easy to align but I have hit that or the er10 outside. Has anyone tested or rolled these and have a opinion
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