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  1. New 3 wood showed up last week. This thing is a ROCKET. Cobra SpeedZone w/ 70g Evenflow White X-flex
  2. CDaggs24


  3. Chris / California, USA Handicap - 11 Current irons in Play - Titleist AP2 The carry distance of your 7 iron - 170yd
  4. Couldnt get to the range, but hit a few on my SkyTrack and they were pretty close to what I was getting on my TrackMan fitting, about 235-240 carry, 245-250 total. it feels AMAZING when you catch it flush!!
  5. Mizuno 5w finally got delivered, haven't had a chance to hit, because I got strep the same day. Yay!!
  6. New driver just got delivered. Although I still feel like Titleist lags behind in overall design behind the other major brands.....they DO look better in person, IMO. Anyways, going to the garage to get some initial numbers off SkyTrack to see how they compare to what I was getting off Trackman during the fitting.
  7. Thanks, it's from GolfGodsOnline.com they sell a bunch of novelty golf items...some of it wades heavy into the "Golf Bro" waters, but the Happy Gilmore club cover was an IMMEDIATE pre-order. Was very excited when that one was delivered.
  8. The quick answer is "Thats what my golf fitter told me was optimal". The longer answer is that my M4 was an off-the-rack purchase. I never got fit for it and, frankly, never REALLY got comfotable with it. I'd consistently have a smothered hook miss and the ones I DID lay into, were always on the lower trajectory side of things. I swing at 106-110mph with my driver and I was getting 290-ish total (at the VERY best), but my carry was not great. With the new stick, my carry was at least 20 yards longer and my total averaged like 305. My M4 was also way too light and the flex was all wrong....it just didn't fit my swing in any way, whatsoever. I mentioned in another post about how, ironically, before getting fit for my irons...I was never a titleist fan. Nothing about their product line excited me (still doesn't, LOL). The AP2s just felt so damn good and were so consistent I had to go with them! I went into this fitting hoping that I'd come out with the New Speedback or Sim....but, here I am again with more Titleist stuff, LOL.
  9. I'm looking for suggestions for filling a gap in the top end of my bag. Currently, here's WITB: 4 iron - Titleist TMB 23* - 215-220 yards 5 wood - Mizuno ST200 18* - 240-250 yards So far, I've been looking at a long iron, something in the 20-21* range...something to go in that 230 yard range. Or...do I just leave it? I'm conflicted, mostly because I like shiny new things.
  10. Irons: 718 AP2 Project X 6.5 120g - 50* - 5 iron / 718 T-MB 4 Project X 6.5 4 iron Wedges: 54* TaylorMade Milled Grind Project X 6.5 / 60* TaylorMade Milled Grind 2 Project X 6.5 Driver/Wood: TaylorMade M4 9.5* Atmos Red / TaylorMade M2 15* Putter: Odyssey Stroke Lab 10 Not pictured: New Driver (Titleist TS2 11.5* Project X Evenflow White 6.5 X-flex) New 5 wood (Mizuno ST200 19* Atmos Blue S-Flex)
  11. VERY close second. It was just too spinny for me. It felt/sounded AMAZING. It was also very consistent with ball flight/dispersion, but the spin was a consistent 800-ish RPMs higher than the TS2 for my swing. If I'm honest, the fact that I didn't walk out with the ST200 or the SpeedZone sort of gutted me, LOL.
  12. Fitting went well. Anyone in Northern California looking for a quality club fitter should definitely see the folks at Haggin Oaks in Sacramento. This is my second fitting with them and both were great experiences. After about 20 bad-to-average shots with my current driver (9.5* M4, Atmos Red Stiff) the best I could do was 265/285 Carry/Total. Tried all of the new guys on the block Cobra/Sim/Mavrik/ST200/G410 with a properly fitted shaft, to mixed results. I had originally asked not to bother with the Titleist driver range, as I prefer a carbon-crowned sound and (most importantly) I just thought they looked dull, not exciting. Well, as luck would have it, he convinced me to give the TS2 a go. And though it might be dull to look at, I was not getting 285/305 average, even poked one out to 322. Needless tosay, its going in the bag. TS2 11.5* Project X Evenflow White 6.5 delivering 03/02/20. In addition, I scrapped my current TM M2 3 wood for a Mizuno ST200 5 wood with an Atmos Blue-S shaft. The things a rocket and looks DAMN good behind the ball.
  13. Club fitting tomorrow, time for new (fitted, this time) top of the bag. Hitting my 3w like TRASH lately, might go sans fairways altogether, OR might end up with one or more of these new hybrids. We'll have to see.
  14. Is a club fitting "crazy money"? I've had several done and they;ve always been in the $100-$150 range and, depending on where you go, some/all of that can be applied towards the purchase of new equipment. I'd argue that ball/putter fittings are on the lower end of the "is this necessary" scale, but iron/hybrid/wood/driver fittings are extremely beneficial, especially if you've never been fit before. Things like lie angle have a HUGE impact on your game, and can even have a negative effect on an otherwise decent golf swing.
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