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  1. hey...how do I get to the "In My Bag" to be posted on my replies
  2. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? Hi...I've been playing GOLF for about 37 years (51 yrs. old). We have a guy who tracks our handicap for all leauges but it's done only at our course, and I'm a 2.4 from whites and about a 5 from the blue tees. ON any given day, I can usually shoot 75...make a few putts and up and downs and can shoot 73...roll in a few bombs...make my 4 footers...get up and down and can break 70. I've only broken 70 4 times (68/69/69/69) all in the past 5 years. What do you love about golf? Not sure how to answer this...what DON'T I love about golf? The purity of the player vs the course, nature, and his or herself...it's a battle. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? Haven't been on the boards in years...but MyGolfSpy just do it right...been watching Crossfield for years for club reviews (honest ones that is) and realized that MyGolfSpy does the same...there is so much disinformation out there and I feel like these guys are all about bringing truth to all that...Ironically have been watching all your YouTube vids for years, and your BALL TEST FROM LAST YEAR WAS THE BEST THING IVE READ IN GOLF IN YEARS. Where are you from? What is your home course? From Northeast Ohio, and I play out of Riverview Golf Course in Newton Falls, Ohio. It's a golf community, as I am in 4 leagues all with different formats...there's always a "game", and we have a club championship each year. Blue tees is the open division, white tees is a handicap division, there's a women's championship, a senior and a super senior championship. The best people run the place and it feels like a family out there. Lots of great players and characters. Course in 6690 Blues, 6140 Whites...plays at 116/71.6 -- Not the toughest but a pretty good test. Membership rates are really reasonable. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Best thing is how many golf courses there are within an hour from top of the line to the local munis...the WORST IS FINDING STRETCHES OF GOOD WEATHER IN WHICH TO PLAY...WINTERS SUCK...SPRING CAN BE SOGGY...Summers go by quickly. We play in just about anything however unless there is ice or standing water on greens. Daylight and above 40 degrees and you can always find someone to play with. What do you do for a living? I'm a public school teacher...i teach English to juniors in high school...best job in the world for a golfer...I play an average of 5 times almost every week in summer. I played 70 rounds last year...that's completed 9/18 hole rounds...with membership, i'll stop out at any time and practice or play 4/5 holes after work or after a round, so it's a year's worth of golf. How’d you pick your user name? That's easy...I am only 5' 6" and most of my life has been playing a sweeping draw with a driver because of the average 60 ish degree driver lie angle (toe off the ground for me); however, after switching to Ping Golf about 7 years ago...this year's G410 with the flat lie angle has LITERALLY changed the game for me...mostly a straight ball player but now can use skill to manipulate for fades and draws if the shot requires. LOVE PING GOLF...they just do it right.
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