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  1. I've had AP2's in 710, 714 and 718 models and AP3s. Currently playing the MIzuno's MP 20 HMB and would love to see how the T series stacks up to previous AP2 models and my MP 20's.
  2. Love this review. WHen these came out, I was playing alot and thought my game could handle blades but kept putting off buying a set. Then life style changed with kids to run after and golf time went to basically none. Then last spring it all changed. I won a set of Callaway Rogue X's and my kids and finances reached a point that golf was back into my picture. Now I'm getting in 2-4 rounds a week and the handicap has come back down to mid single digets. Ditched the Rogue's for Titleist AP3's 1st of the year. Also started buying and selling used clubs and kept an eye out for some 33's. Finally 2 weeks ago I got my dream irons and they still feel great. Also came across some 1980's Titleist blades I refinished. Not quite ready to move full time from AP3's but the 33's will go into bag some.
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