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  1. yes give it a shot, it's overall a bit softer so it may help you not miss as much right. Let us know how it goes
  2. Sorry we've been "AFK" guys... There's a fitting philosophy that to maximize distance you want a shaft to flex/kick as much as possible...but you may sacrifice control obviously. With VENTUS blue, the VeloCore being full length stabilizes the shaft, reducing twist throughout the swing, so that helps with the control. The R flex is probably way too soft for you on paper, but yes, you may get more distance because you're able to gain speed as the shaft unloads due to softer flex. The opposite happens when golfers swing a shaft that is too stiff - there is no loading, they change they way they swing, often trying too hard down at the bottom, adding dynamic loft and increasing spin. Like golfers saying "ventus black spins too much for me" well...that's likely because it's not the right fit, it ain't the shaft... So to conclude, with Ventus (particularly blue, with softest handle section of the 3) you should be able to play a comfortable flex, still load the shaft well and maintain control. Hope that helps and provides some insight.
  3. Appreciate the update. Ventus line is tough to beat. If the Motore X doesn't work the best for you we're glad to hear Ventus does! I personally play the Red. I like the profile compared to the blue where the Red is stiffer in the handle and mid section. It's also incredible in my 5 wood...!
  4. Bummer! Wish we were there with some Fuji demos Check to see if there's a local shop near you with some Fuji demos: https://fujikuragolf.com/dealer-locator and also, congrats on your career low round!
  5. By the way you guys have blown us away with your reviews and the ongoing conversation about Motore X! Thank you so much and let's keep it rolling! For those of you guys who were not testers, but are interested to try the product - what would get you to do so? Promo at your local clubfitter (i.e. test a motore x and get discount), an online trial program (you get shipped a demo to plug and play into your driver head), etc? Would love to hear your thoughts!
  6. Ventus is our flagship product, coming in at $75 more MSRP than Motore X due mostly to VeloCore with more premium materials like full length Pitch 70ton. So in fittings Ventus generally will yield tighter dispersion, better center face contact than Motore X. However, we've seen that Motore X can yield faster ball speeds (compared to say Ventus or PRO 2.0) and still retain great dispersion. Does that help answer what you were looking for? if not let us know!
  7. Bat signal received! There are a significant amount of factors with the shaft and club that can affect path and face. Such as length, swingweight, EI profile (stiffness in different areas), etc. Sometimes a player feels they need to work harder with different shafts. As an example, ehen products become too stiff certain players will increase their attack angle, swing from the inside, and turn the hands over quickly. Not for all players, but we see it. It sounds Motore X times well for your swing and the body isn’t working hard to get the ball going on the intended path. Some shafts just click! and that is why we make a huge variety of profiles and encourage custom fitting. We're excited to hear Motore X is working so well for you guys and appreciate all of the reviews and feedback! Let us know of any more questions
  8. Love to hear this! We know most of you guys love to tinker and try new equipment, so when our shafts wni out that is major validation for us! Agreed, thanks everyone for being so engaged on Motore X and sharing your feedback/questions. Apologies for being somewhat MIA. We're going to cruise back through the thread and try to address any questions you have had.
  9. No those shafts are produced in conjunction with TM at our partner factories in China, which we utilize for some production of other Fuji parts, not just OEM shafts.
  10. revkev - this is great to hear! Thanks for the feedback and we look forward to hearing more about this from all of the testers once this ongoing crisis is resolved! Stay safe and healthy! - AT, Fujikura Golf
  11. I would also suggest Motore X F1. It is going to give you a great option between 2.0 TS and Ventus Black. For more info, check out the link on Motore X. Harry Nodwell is a big fan of this in his driver as well! https://fujikuragolf.com/woods/motore-x Thanks! - AT, Fujikura Golf
  12. Hi Kenny - hope these answers help! Q1: Without knowing your swing or numbers I will say this - Your speed is in the R2 (Senior) to R flex range but I would lean towards the R flex (if you're closer to 90mph). However, if you are wanting a 60g Senior flex we do have an option for you in the PRO 2.0 line - PRO 2.0 6-R2. Q2: Our iron shafts are a .370 parallel but most of our dealers can taper without an issue. That being said, our PRO and Vista PRO iron shafts are offered in one-length blanks making it possible to hard/soft step and dial in the flex you need. I would suggest that you try the PRO Iron 85i in an R-Flex. Thanks for your question! - AT, Fujikura Golf
  13. Brandon M - The weight difference is about 4 grams between the two if I'm understanding your question correctly. There is not a TX version in the Ventus line. I would recommend you try both once we are able to get out and do so. PRO 2.0 TS has seen quite a bit of play over the last two years but Ventus with VeloCore has been a game changer for many. As always, we recommend you visit one of our Charter Dealers to optimize your performance. Here's the link to our Dealer Locator in case you were wondering what shops carry Fujikura in your area: https://fujikuragolf.com/dealer-locator Hope this helps and thanks for your questions! - AT, Fujikura Golf
  14. PMookie - Concerning your hybrid question, I would suggest Atmos TS HB Blue 8X and/or PRO 2.0 HB 8X as a starting point. I believe you'll find a slightly higher launch with the PRO 2.0 and it may feel slightly softer than the Atmos TS HB Blue. The Atmos TS HB Blue will give you a slightly stiffer feeling handle/butt section which you may like based on your speed. Thanks for playing Ventus in the driver! I'm a big fan of it as well! We do not currently sell hats/gear but we are working on some things to maybe make that possibility one day, stay tuned! Hope this helps, thanks for your support! - AT, Fujikura Golf
  15. Twyatt700 - thanks for your question! Tour players are using the same aftermarket shafts that are available to you. We have created heavier/stiffer options of a profile to accommodate a tour player's need or request, but there is no difference in the design, materials or composition except to make it heavier or stiffer. Hope this helps! - AT, Fujikura Golf
  16. The main difference is Ventus has VeloCore with superior materials in the full length bias core (pitch 70 ton) and should yield better dispersion than Motore X for most golfers. Motore X has a torsionally stiffened handle section that should yield more clubhead acceleration and speed for most golfers. Also Ventus is $350 MSRP and Motore X is $275. -eric
  17. stiffer flex should generally yield slightly lower spin, but this is a tough one to answer and is splitting hairs, we're talking probably less than 100 rpm difference. -eric
  18. Take a read through the production article: https://mygolfspy.com/shaft-u-production-process-101/ And watch this video https://youtu.be/nnlCnXMlQB0 -eric
  19. Ventus black should promote better center face contact and help your dispersion. Compared to PRO 2.0 TS they have similar EI profiles so they should feel similar but PRO 2.0 is more counterbalanced than Ventus. Ventus Black is definitely stout, but does not feel like rebar due to higher quality materials and VeloCore.
  20. Sorry for any confusion. Yes, different machines altogether thus the CPM could be different from one machine to another. -Eric
  21. We'll chime in here - We make the widest range of shafts in the industry including those for seniors.We have iron shafts ranging from 45 gram R3 flex to 115 Tour X. Our Vista Pro line has a range of weights and flexes that will surely impress and our fitters love the flexibility. Please have a look here: https://fujikuragolf.com/woods/vista-pro Let us know if you have any questions! We're here to help and support.
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